DBS Chapter 78 Preview: What Will Granolah Do Now?

Now that Granolah finally knows the truth about his past, what will he do henceforth? Read as I speculate on the possibilities of his future actions.

DBS chapter 78

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 revealed the truth about Granolah’s past where Bardock, the father of Goku, spares the Cerealian, his mom Muezli and the Namekian Monaito, the adoptive father of Granolah.

Though Twitter was on a rampage with fans thinking DBS Bardock is a goodie-goodie two shoes “influencing” Goku via Genes but that’s for another article discussion.

In Chapter 77, Granolah learns the shocking revelation about the identity of his savior and the one who killed his mother.

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Granolah, Muezli, and Monaito escape thanks to Bardock

While witnessing Muezli trying to shoot with Granolah in her arms, Bardock recalls a sequence in which Gine chastises him for being gone for months.

Bardock pictures Gine when looking at Muezli
Naive Bardock.
Like father like son.

Notice how Gine’s and Muezli’s pose is very similar. Perhaps this is why Bardock recalled this memory.

Another reason is that seeing the Cerealian mother shielding her infant brought back memories of Gine’s love and care for her child.

Essentially, the impulse to protect someone you care about, or in this case, someone who is in a similar situation to another person close to you.

Changing his mind, Bardock lies to Leek about killing the survivors and instead brings along Granolah and Muezli to Monaito’s house where they take shelter.

Suddenly, Bardock gets a reading on his scouter and looks for the source. To his surprise, he finds the Heeters standing and looking over the edge of a cliff.

Muezli dies at the hands of Elec

Bardock and Monaito hide behind a tree and overhear Elec’s plot to sell Planet Cereal to the Sugarians for a hefty sum, as well as their larger plan to one day take over Frieza’s army.

Granolah wakes up from his nap and screams in fear at the sight of Bardock. Monaito uses his power to make Granolah fall asleep again. Bardock then decides to put up an act.

He borrows Monaito’s robe and pretends as if he’s about to kill Muezli, Granolah and Monaito. Bardock under the hood. Badass. One can get huge star wars vibes from this Chapter.

Bardock did not show his face to the Heeters, so that’s why Oil and Macki haven’t recognized Goku yet. But considering Gas fought the badass daddy, he might later on.

Bardock tries to stall for time but no dice. Elec gets impatient and takes out Muezli, shooting her through the heart.

0077 038

Not gonna lie, I hate Elec for killing her without warning. Why do beautiful waifus have to die? I mean w-w-why?? For this reason alone, I approve of Granolah beating the crap outta Elec.

For some reason, Bardock gets pissed and attacks the Heeters while giving them the slip. He, Monaito and Granolah hide behind a small slope and await for the Heeters to find them.

Elec, Macki and Oil leave to set up a welcoming party for Frieza while Gas stays back to kill the three eavesdroppers.

So what does this all mean to Granolah? What would he do now? The flashback isn’t over yet as Bardock has to face off against Gas. But until then, it’s time to d-d-d-duel speculate.

Analyzing Granolah’s thought process and future actions

0077 027

Let me just say that Granolah’s grudge against the Saiyans makes sense. I mean the dude has been sleeping for the majority of the flashback. He saw Bardock and passed out. He then woke up, saw his tail, screamed in fear and again fell asleep.

In other words, He didn’t know shit.

It also makes sense why he thought the flashback he got in Chapter 68 was a dream. Granolah certainly won’t be happy about the entire turn of events.

Granolah would be furious with Monaito

0077 025

A key question that’s been bothering me is why didn’t Monaito tell Granolah sooner? He was there the entire time!

Yeah, I get why he could have buried Bardock’s rescue mission; the Saiyans were thought to be extinct, so why revisit painful memories?

But hiding the fact that Muezli died by Elec’s gunfire is something worth thinking about because Granolah essentially works for his mom’s murderer. Why did Monaito allow such a thing?

Two separate ideas came to my mind:

  • To prevent the Heeters from killing Granolah, Monaito pleaded with them to let Granolah live by making him work for them. The Cerealian is strong. So he could be a worthy asset as a bounty hunter.
    • Elec agreed but told Monaito not to say a word to Granolah about the incidents so far. Instructed him to tell a false story.
  • According to the Daizenshuu 7, the Namekians used to live a peaceful life centered around farming and trading. The same thing happens in Chapter 77. They grow the veggies, which the Cerealians purchase in exchange for water.
    • Namekians are able to live on just water and have no need for food reserves.
    • But since the Cerealians are out of commission, Monaito has nowhere to trade and get water.
    • He makes Granolah to work for the Heeters to get the money needed to buy water.
    • Basically, Monaito, in part, uses Granolah for his own selfish reason.

All in all, Monaito feels nervous while recalling the whole story. I think he does feel guilty for not telling all of it sooner. It could have stopped Granolah from fighting Goku and Vegeta.

But I’m sure that he’s hiding something more. The following panel implies the possibility.

0070 015
Chapter 70 – Monaito feels guilty for something he did to Granolah. Perhaps a selfish act?

Granolah will be hell-bent on killing the Heeters

Now that Granolah knows the truth about the Heeters scheming up with Frieza to annihilate the Cerealians, he probably will shift his attention from the Saiyans to the Heeters.

Further, this has become more personal as Elec killed his mom. His revenge mentality will be off the charts. But in a different direction.

So far, it was like “Kill the Saiyans! Kill the Saiyans! Kill the Saiyans!” Now it’ll be “I want Elec’s head in my Cereal bowl”

It’d probably lead to Granolah vs Elec (or whoever Elec makes to fight Granolah) in the end.

Granolah might feel guilty about his mom’s death

0077 034
The PTSD scream

I can imagine Granolah’s inner voice telling him “(Whisper) Hey Granolah. Guess what? You were partly responsible for your mom’s death LMAO! After shitting on the Saiyans repeatedly, you ended up being the trigger. And the Saiyan told you to shut up. LOLOLOLOLOL!

Erh erm… anyway, I can see from where the “You Saiyans!” PTSD came from. Of course, Elec is the one who shot her, but if it wasn’t for Granolah’s scream, maybe he wouldn’t have spotted them.

Well, I guess he might hate himself for it. Will he try to kill himself again? Maybe. But here’s another thing – maybe he’ll stop being hateful with the Saiyans?

Will Granolah change his grudge against the Saiyans?

To be honest, I don’t think Granolah would change immediately. He might experience the 5 stages of grief but at a faster rate.

The guilt of causing Muezli’s death may manifest as despair. But Elec’s and the Heeters’ resentment would eventually win out.

Sooner or later, he would ask the help of the Saiyans. But not right now. He’d try to take them (the Heeters) down on his own. When the time comes (during the battle), “You Saiyans!!” will change over to “You Saiyans!! Comeandhelpmeplease…”

Elec was already treating Granolah like shit. The Cerealian already hates him. Oatmeel gives us the clue:

Care to explain Granolah? It’s quite unlike you to allow Elec to have the last word.

Oatmeel, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68

Oatmeel says this after Granolah comes out after delivering OG-73i to Elec. So this hatred will explode. Even Monaito or Oatmeel might find it difficult to calm him down.


In my opinion, Granolah will take some time to process all this information. But one thing I’m fairly certain of. He won’t team up with the Saiyans so soon. It’d take some time (maybe 2-3 Chapters) to even begin that thought process.

He has a lot on his mind right now. So he needs to clear some of those.

Later on in the arc, there’s a chance we might get to see another Cerealian alive.

I speculated on the idea in my Chapter 76 breakdown article. Chapter 77 gave another clue on the possibility.

The old Cerealian who told Flayk (possibly Granolah’s dad) to destroy the moon looks very similar to the old guy in Kintoki who turned out to be of the same race as Toki, another survivor.

DBS and Kintoki similarities
Left – Kintoki (Toriyama’s one-shot)
Right – DBS Chapter 77

What’s more, the Aurumoculi guy knows a lot about the antagonists – their strengths and weaknesses. The old Cerealian man too happens to know the weakness of the Oozarus. What if his appearance later in the arc becomes a turning point in Granolah’s life?

How does he know the weakness of the Oozarus? Will it become a major plot point later on? It’s something worth thinking about.

Regarding Frieza, we’re still awaiting his physical appearance in this arc. Granolah will still have a grudge against him for sure. But the Heeters might be the top priority in the to-kill list.

There are two things which cross my mind – all events will lead up to Granolah, Vegeta and Goku Vs the Heeters and Frieza or….
Frieza teams up with the gang and the Heeters would be the main and only antagonist group in this arc.

To be honest, I’m actually hoping that if Frieza were to die, it’d be by the hands of Vegeta and Granolah. Cause’ they’d be the best and most suitable candidates to end the Galactic tyrant’s life.

So what do you think Granolah will do now that he knows the truth? Let us know in the comments below!

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