Crunchyroll President Says India Has Massive Appetite For Anime

The comment was made following the latest announcements made by Crunchyroll.

Rahul Purini Crunchyroll President

Following the latest announcements made by Crunchyroll aimed at the Indian audience, the streaming platform’s President, Rahul Purini, said that the country has a massive appetite for anime.

According to him, the number of anime fans in India are growing and they are craving for more anime content.

“There is a massive appetite for anime in India with a growing number of fans who are craving more of what they love,” Purini said.

He also added that fans in the country would be receiving more content, including more dubs, at a more affordable price than before.

“Our team has worked hard to expand our service – including more content and more dubs, at a more affordable price.”

Crunchyroll has already announced the hindi dubs for My Dress Up Darling and Ranking of the Kings, with more anime set to follow in the future.

The subscription rates for the country too have been slashed from USD 9.99 to ₹99 for Mega Fan.

The subscription costs in India are as follows:

Crunchyroll Subscription packs
Crunchyroll Subscription Packs In India

The premium plans on the Crunchyroll site mention they will be releasing their entire library content as well.

Along with India, the subscription plans have been reduced in 100 regions across the world.

Source: Crunchyroll

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