Akira Toriyama Reveals Why There Are 2 ‘Super’ In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie

He also gave more insights on Piccolo & Gohan

Akira Toriyama On Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

In a recent interview given by Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball franchise, he answered multiple question related to the newly released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, including why the word super was present twice in the title of the movie.

Toriyama revealed that he forgot the movie’s main title was Dragon Ball Super and named the movie Super Hero.

However, he was never countered over it by any of the staff members involved in the movie. According to him, the staff must have thought that he must have done it on purpose. Hence, they didn’t question him, to which he laughs and states that it is his fault that the ‘Super’ is so repetitive in the title.

By the way, the subtitle is “Super Hero”. I totally forgot that the film’s main title is “Dragon Ball Super”, so there ended up being two “supers”. I guess everyone thought I had done this on purpose, because nobody pointed it out to me (laughs). So it’s my fault that the “Super” is so repetitive.

-Akira Toriyama

In the interview he also talks about the previous Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and how he wanted to make the new one a bit different. He says the Broly movie is a full fledged battle movie and hence it didn’t touch upon the emotional aspects and the cheerful spirit of OG Dragon Ball much. Hence, he decided to make the new movie which inculcates the cheerful spirit of OG Dragon Ball and return to a lighter route.

He further added that, that thanks to technology being so advanced, he doesn’t have to draw much of the fight scenes. He just has to write “now they have big battle” in the script and the rest of the team takes care of the fight. Despite this, he says, the battles are amazing and have great choreography.

The previous film, “Broly”, focused on battles of next-level strength. If we had just kept going on like that and made the next movie another battle film, it seemed like we would lose Dragon Ball’s cheerful spirit. So this time around, I figured I should return things to a somewhat lighter route, with character-based daily life, which is then threatened by a crisis which results in a big battle.

Those battle scenes are wonderful, as is traditional in this series, and I’m always very moved by them. Thanks to that, I can just write “and now these two characters have a big battle” in the original script, and rest easy knowing that this will get turned into an incredible battle.

Naturally, this time around the battles are more amazing than ever. You won’t be able to take your eyes off them!

Akira also touched upon the “Gohan is stronger than the rest of the Z warriors” point during the interview.

He said that Gohan is stronger than the rest is vastly believed, but he hasn’t had a time to shine lately. Hence he focused on Gohan more in the movie. Also to get Gohan to action required pushing from Piccolo more than his own father Goku.

Gohan is actually stronger than anyone…or so it’s said, but lately he hasn’t really gotten a chance to shine. In order to motivate Gohan, it takes his revered teacher Piccolo rather than his father Goku.

He further added on why he chose Red Ribbon Army as the main villain in this movie. He said that back in OG Dragon Ball, Red Ribbon Army weren’t scary. However, now he has made them vicious.

As for the Red Ribbon Army, it didn’t seem so scary back when I drew it in the original series, but this time I’ve brought it back as an enemy organization that triggers the birth of powerful new foes.

In the movie and in the trailer, Piccolo’s daily life was shown and his surprisingly large stuff toy collection. Toriyama explains this saying that baby Pan (Gohan’s Daughter) once gave him a stuff toy and to respect her feelings he kept it. Gohan and Videl misunderstood that and thought he really like stuff toys so they kept on gifting him those.

Also, in the movie we see Piccolo using a smartphone it was due to Videl forcing it upon him and not because Piccolo has become tech savvy.

Gohan and his family offered to let Piccolo live with them, but he chose to live in the nearby mountains instead, since he likes quiet places. Living next to the water is a Namekian’s natural habitat. For some reason, they have teeth yet only drink water. Piccolo’s smartphone was a present forced on him by Videl. His stuffed animal collection got started when Gohan’s daughter Pan gave him one. He pretended to be happy so that he wouldn’t hurt Pan’s feelings, so Gohan and Videl mistakenly believe he really does like them.

He further added that Piccolo is his favourite character. He’s so calm and collected. It’s for the first time in this movie he has made him more talkative and interactive.

Actually, Piccolo is my favorite character. He’s always so quiet, so this might be the first time he’s been this talkative and active.

He also mentioned on how Piccolo and the Namekians as a race are a headache to him as well the original creator since their backstory is not yet discovered.

While talking about Piccolo, the interviewer asked him why hasn’t he ever shown Piccolo shoe-less. To which Toriyama seemed surprised and mentions that he doesn’t remember doing so and that Piccolo’s feet will look more human like with black nails. Similar to his manga counterpart.

Huh? He’s never taken off his shoes? That comes as a surprise to me too. I think they’re pretty much the same as Earthling feet. But his toenails are black, like his fingernails

There are more statements regarding the movies technical aspect you can find the source for those at the end of the article.

Last month, Crunchyroll and Toei Animation announced that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie will release globally in theatres in both subbed and dubbed in the summer of 2022 tentatively in August.

poster from a theatre in Pennsylvania showcases the release date as August 19, 2022. Although we are officially to receive any news from Crunchyroll or Toei Animation.

Sony Pictures India have also teased the Indian release of the movie.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, was scheduled to be released on April 22 in Japan and was slated to open in North America this summer, however, it was postponed due to the Toei Animation hack on March 6.

The fully 3DCG film is being directed by Tetsuro Kodama at Toei Animation, and Naoki Satō is composing the music. Nobuhito Sue is the art director, Chikashi Kubota is the animation director, and Jae Hoon Jung is the CG director.

Along with these, the guest cast members include:

  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Gamma #1
  • Mamoru Miyano as Gamma #2
  • Miyu Irino as Dr. Hedo
  • Volcano Ōta as Magenta
  • Ryota Takeuchi as Carmine

The screenings available for the movie is same as Detective Conan‘s Movie, Detective Conan Halloween Bride.

The movie has garnered over 5 Million USD in its opening weekend.

The official movie website summarizes the plot as follows (Unofficial translation by Herms & DBSChronicles):

Dragon Ball Super Broly (2018) was a mega-hit with worldwide box office revenue of 13.5 billion Yen. 4 years later, in 2022, a new movie in the Dragon Ball Super series has finally arrived with an even greater “awakening”! The Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization that was once destroyed by Goku in the past, has been succeeded by a group of people who have created new and the strongest Androids ever, Gamma 1 & Gamma 2. They call themselves “superheroes” and begin to attack Piccolo, Gohan and the others. What is the true purpose of the new Red Ribbon Army?
With danger looming over the world, now is the time to wake up! Awaken, Super Hero!!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the 21st movie overall in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

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