Addressing Hunter x Hunter Manga Cancellation Rumours; Is It Really Cancelled?

The manga is currently on a hiatus.

Hunter X Hunter

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the serialization status of Hunter x Hunter manga circulating online, leading to many misinformation spreads. A lot of social media accounts and handles have been suggesting that Hunter x Hunter manga is set for being cancelled.

You can checkout some of the instances below!

Hunter x hunter manga cancelled misinfo

Hunter x hunter manga cancelled misinfo

Hunter x hunter manga cancelled misinfo

The rumours sprang to life soon after the manga was moved from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s “Serialized Works” category to “Archived Serializations” section, along with rest of the works that ended, cancelled or got transferred.

Hunter x Hunter in Shonen Jump archives section!

A lot of people took this change to be a sign of the manga ending.

While their fears are understandable, this change doesn’t prove or suggest in any way that the manga has been cancelled. Also, there has been no official announcement stating the same.

If that’s the case, then why is manga in the “archives” of the magazine? Let me clear it up.

A manga being archived doesn’t necessarily imply that it is cancelled. If you look closer, you’ll find Ayakashi Triangle and Chainsaw Man manga in the archives too. These manga effectively got transferred to a new publication and are still on-going.

This could, in a way, mean that Hunter x Hunter might get transferred to a new publication, like Shonen Jump +, where Togashi can publish the manga in his own pace, just like Ishida is doing with his new manga Choujin X.

So, in the end, its safe to say that all hope is not lost yet. Moreover, the editorial staff had already addressed the issue regarding the future publication format of Hunter x Hunter manga and its recent hiatus in their statement.

According to them, they have decided to publish Hunter x Hunter manga in a “format other than weekly serialization,” and that Togashi will continue to draw the manga in his own pace until its completion.

You can checkout the full statement below:

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter manga had gone on a break recently after the publication of chapter 401, and as per our previous articles, we know for sure that Togashi was working on the drafts of chapter 401-410.

Long story short, NO Hunter x Hunter manga is neither getting cancelled nor ending. However, it would be wiser to wait for the official announcement before jumping to conclusions.

The manga most probably might follow a no schedule publication method, just like that of Sui Ishida’s Choujin X manga. But yes it is true that the manga is no longer in the serialized category of the magazine, and has been moved to the archives section.

We also shouldn’t completely lookover the fact that the health of author Togashi is not in the best of conditions. So even when the manga continues, it’ll be at a very slow pace.

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