Will Rubbing Saitama’s Bald Head Bring You Luck?

The old-wives often say that rubbing bald head brings good luck. While it might only be a superstition, this has not stopped people from believing in this strange ritual. This includes boxer Muhammad Ali who rubbed Earnie Shavers head before his bout, Former President George Bush and the entire France team, who believed that rubbing goalkeeper Fabian Barthez’s bald head is what helped them win the World Cup in 1998.

However, a funny condition that accompanies a superstition is that you should completely believe in the ritual that you are doing in order to reap its benefits. For instance if you were to rub a bald man’s head, you should totally believe that it would bring you nothing but luck. Doubting the process would only spoil the outcome for you, or so the “belief” goes.

For weebs and otakus, the 3-D world and its superstitions hold very little importance in their lives. Rather than rubbing a bald man’s head, they’d pray to Satou Kazuma (certainly not Aqua or the Axis Cult) to be showered with some much needed luck in their lives.

However, there is a one off chance that “rubbing a bald head” superstition might just work for anime and manga lovers. And how would that be? The person whose head is being rubbed should be none other than the famous hero known for his outrageous punches and totally bland expressions, Saitama – The One Punch Man!

Saitama Smiling One Punch Man!

Saitama lost all his hair due to his rigorous training routine he followed in order to be a hero. And thanks to that, he is now is possession of a perfect bald head which begs to be rubbed. Glimmering and shining in the light, the hairless delight would easily convince even the staunchiest rational weebs to cultivate a weird fetish of rubbing (or even kissing) the bald heads. There is no doubt that rubbing this squeaky clean thing would bring you luck in abundance.

Now, Saitama often gets angry when his baldness becomes the focus of discussion. So it goes without saying that he wouldn’t entertain random strangers trying to satisfy their weird fetishes by getting a hand on his head. But if he were to understand that he was actually helping bring luck to all of them, as a hero, Saitama would only be happily oblige, or so we believe. It is the easiest way to fame after all.

However, there seems to be a wee bit of an issue which would hinder our ambitious efforts. And this problem presents itself in the form of…..not being able to meet Saitama for real. While this could be overcome by getting isekai’d to the One Punch Man universe, there is no proven scietific method as to how we can achieve it. For all we know, after our fateful encounter with truck-kun or tractor-kun, we might get stuck with an Aqua or a Ristarte, making our luck factor go totally downhill.

For the time being, we should be able to satisfy ourselves by rubbing the head of a Saitama figurine or body pillow. However, we can’t guarantee that it will be as effective as the real one.

If you have read this far and are wondering what the hell this post was all about, then we admit that we are as clueless as you. But still, here’s to hoping that the gateway to our dream world gets opened soon!!

Saitama Ok

Also, please don’t get any Ishigami like thoughts and try to die in hopes of gettig isekai’d. The world would be losing an ardent anime fan if you do so!! Stay home, binge anime, stay safe!

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