Best One Punch Man Saitama Quotes Of All Time

Top Saitama Quotes

Saitama aka the One Punch Man is a powerful protagonist who can’t be beaten by anyone (Can He Beat Goku though?) yet is not so powerful emotionally, which makes him say literally anything he feels straight to the face!! And yes we all love that. There are no ifs and buts in his thought process, it is just what it is. So the quotes of Saitama will also make you look at your life the way it should be, straight and simple. Let’s see some of Saitama’s best quotes.

1.  “You said you worked hard? Well, maybe you need to work a little longer.”

   As the quote says, you are not up to the mark if you can’t make it. This comes from a guy who trained three years straight to achieve what he wanted and he still trains to keep him up to the mark. So stop excusing and start working harder to make yourself better.

2.  “I’m not a hero because I want your approval. I do it because I want to!”
Saitama quote from One punch man

Don’t you agree with this? Most of the time, we act in a manner to get someone’s approval. To be acknowledged by someone. But not Saitama. He had this dream of becoming a hero and he achieved it without waiting for anybody’s approval, and that is what he tries to say that if you want to do it and you think it is right, then just do it.

3.  “Overwhelming strength is boring.”

Yes, there always comes a point, when you are at the peak of what you do best, and no sooner it starts feeling blank. What Next? Is the only question you start thinking.

4.  “100 Push-ups. 100 sit ups. And 100 Squats. Then 10 kilometer run. Do it every single day!”
Saitama trained hard to become a hero

Well, we can just see the determination behind this. Just imagine if we start doing everything with this determination where we can reach? And if you do this training every single day maybe you will beat our One Punch guy LOL.

5.  “Human beings are strong because we can change ourselves.”

This is so true if you think about it deeply. If an average young businessman with no special skills and strength can change himself into an unbeatable strong man then who are we to have excuses huh!

6. “When I was a little boy I wanted to be a hero. Not some damn business man. But a superhero who could send rotten villains like you flying with one punch.”
Top Saitama Quotes from One Punch Man

Yes and he is now what he claims. Any doubt on that?

7.  “I am not saying I need fans. But it would be nice if someone would notice what i have been doing”.
One-Punch Man: Is a Mosquito Actually Stronger Than Saitama?

We can all can see a lonely innocent guy behind this, can’t we? 🙁

8.  “Just an average guy who serves as an average hero”

Can we see the simplicity behind this thought? You can literally crush down anyone to a pulp with a single punch and yet you have no ego or pride? Is this what reaching beyond max level feels like? haha.

9.  “You have to keep doing it. No matter how difficult it gets. It took me a full 3 years to get this strong.”
Saitama One Punch Man quotes

Well, there is no hiding, no secrets, just efforts, no cheap tricks, simply anyone can do it if you do it with same determination all the time.

10.  “You got to train like hell until the point where your hair falls out. That’s the only way to become truly strong.”

Haha, well this is funny. Just the innocence of our average hero.

11.  “Heroes and the police don’t do their jobs because someone says “please”. Right?”
One-Punch Man, Saitama

It just shows despite of having so much power, he has a sense of duty. Only if this sense of obligation dwells within every one of us, then the world will be a much better place.

12.  “Prophecies don’t ever come true.”

Yeah, totally agree right? Why you should cling on something which was said by someone and make your decisions according to it? Make your own prophecies as your daily goals, and hell yeah make them become true.

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Saitama funny face from One Punch Man

13.    “I’m just a guy who’s a hero for fun.”

14.    “I’ve become too strong.”

15.    “Is that really the limit of your strength? Could the you of tomorrow beat you today? Instead of giving in, move forward.”

16.    “If the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?”

17.     “If you really want to become strong, stop caring about what others think about you. Living your life has nothing to do with what others think.”

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