What Happened To Zenith Greyrat? Does Rudeus Find His Mother In Mushoku Tensei?

Zenith greyrat mushoku tensei

Zenith Greyrat is Paul’s wife and the mother of Rudeus and Norn. Despite being born into nobility, she chose to run away from her family and join Paul’s group. Eventually, she established a family with him.

Zenith exudes a kind and affectionate nature, fulfilling her role as a nurturing mother but also displaying occasional sternness. She holds her traditional values in alignment with the Millis’ teachings and gets angry at Paul’s womanizing tendencies.

Zenith greyrat mushoku tensei
Zenith Greyrat

Zenith’s background preceding the events of Mushoku Tensei:

Zenith was born within the Holy Country of Millis as the second daughter to an Earl’s family. Her upbringing adhered to the teachings of the Millis Church, and she remained an exemplary follower, adhering to rules, excelling academically, and even earning the title of “Millis young lady standard.”

However, when Zenith reached the age of 15, she rebelled against her familial constraints. She chose to distance herself from the noble tradition of arranged marriages prevalent among the Earls’ families, a move that prompted her to flee from her home.

In her quest to secure a job as a Healer, she briefly ventured into the world as a solo adventurer. During this period, her naivety led to her being duped out of a substantial sum of money. This ordeal came to an end when Paul Greyrat intervened and rescued her. Zenith subsequently joined Paul’s party, the Fangs of the Black Wolf, in the capacity of a healer.

As her tenure with the party progressed, Zenith’s sentiments for Paul deepened, evolving into love. She desired to marry him but was confronted with a dilemma – Paul’s reputation as a womanizer, engaging in relationships with multiple women.

In an attempt to ensure his commitment, Zenith asked that if Paul vowed to be faithful, she would share an intimate relationship with him. Paul agreed, but she remained skeptical, and she thought that if Paul doesn’t keep his promise she will just give up and leave him.

After Zenith discovers her pregnancy with Rudeus, she is overwhelmed by uncertainty and grapples with the thought that Paul might not honor his commitment. However, to her surprise, Paul steps up and fulfills his promise. The couple ties the knot, concluding their adventurous pursuits and settling down in Buena Village.

Zenith takes on the role of working in the village clinic, beginning a new chapter in their lives.

What happened to Zenith Greyrat after the Teleportation incident/ Mana calamity?

To answer in short; following the events of the Mana Calamity, Zenith was teleported to the depths of a Teleportation Labyrinth, located near the city of Rapan in the Begaritt Continent. Zenith was teleported directly inside a mana crystal where she lay encased for many years.

Due to the nature of her predicament and the remote location, Zenith’s whereabouts remained a mystery, making it impossible to initiate a search for her. That was until Roxy secured the favor of the former empress of the Demon Continent, Kishirika Kishirsu.

In response to Roxy’s appeal and utilizing her Clairvoyant Eye, Kishirika found information about Rudeus’ mom (along with other members of the family), unveiling her location within the Teleportation Labyrinth in the Begaritt Continent.

Does Rudeus find his mom?

The narrative wouldn’t be complete without the search for Rudeus’ own mother. Guided by the clue provided by Kishirika, the location of the Teleportation Labyrinth in the Begaritt Continent is eventually pinpointed.

Roxy and Paul’s party play a crucial role in this search.

Paul, prior to embarking on the journey to Begaritt, pens a letter to Rudeus, detailing their discovery of Zenith’s whereabouts and their rescue mission. Recognizing the dangers of the Begaritt Continent, Paul takes a precautionary step by sending Rudeus’ younger sisters to him in Ranao.

Several months later, a letter from Geese arrives, urging Rudeus’ assistance in rescuing Zenith, given their unsuccessful attempts so far.

After considering it for a few days, Rudeus makes the decision to join the rescue effort, accompanied by Elinalise. Upon reaching Rapan, they learn of Roxy’s unfortunate predicament – she had become lost after triggering a teleportation trap within the labyrinth. Consequently, their priority shifts to saving Roxy, who has endured a month of isolation and struggle within the labyrinth.

After Roxy has been rescued and her subsequent recovery, their pivot back to navigating the labyrinth and locating Zenith. The journey culminates in a climactic confrontation with the labyrinth’s Guardian, the Manatite Hydra. Within the labyrinth’s deepest chamber, they spot Zenith trapped within a crystal, an object fiercely protected by the guardian.

An intense battle ensues, resulting in the defeat of the Manatite Hydra, albeit at a significant cost. After the guardian has perished, the mana crystal imprisoning Zenith shatters and it reveals her to be unconscious yet somehow miraculously alive.

What happened to Zenith following the events of the Labyrinth?

Following the events of the Teleport Labyrinth, Zenith’s memories appear to have been entirely erased. The exact cause of this memory loss remains unknown, though it’s possible that her prolonged entrapment within the mana crystal could be a contributing factor.

She also appears to be more youthful than her actual age as a result of her prolonged entrapment in the magic crystal.

Following her liberation from the Teleport Labyrinth, Zenith’s emotional expression takes an unusual turn. Rather than actively conveying her emotions, she seems to perceive the world as if ensnared in a trance or dream-like state.

Yet, sporadic gestures punctuate this detached facade, revealing glimpses of her underlying emotions. Notably, instances like her smile directed at Norn or her instinctive reaction of striking Rudeus upon learning about his intention to marry Eris hint at the persistence of her core personality, which remains unchanged yet hidden and suppressed by the trance-like state caused by her Miko Powers.

Miko Powers

After her entrapment in the Magic Crystal during the Teleport Incident, Zenith has gained a new ability: the capacity to read thoughts.

This newfound skill, however, comes with a peculiar side effect – she exists in a dream-like state, perpetually suspended between wakefulness and slumber. This unique state renders her unable to physically communicate by herself, even though she believes herself to be communicating through telepathy.

Her lack of reaction to her surroundings leads others to think that she has lost all of her memories and ability to speak. Additionally, she is unaffected by Orsted’s curse of being feared and hated as noted by her remarks to everyone’s reactions to him whenever he visits their home in Sharia.

TLDR; Rudeus does find and save his mother, Zenith Greyrat, but unfortunately she has lost all her memories due to being stuck in a mana crystal.

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