Japanese Musician Vaundy Recommends Kagurabachi Manga; Praises Its Stunning Swordplay


Musician Vaundy has joined the chorus of praise for the up-and-coming manga Kagurabachi, commending its captivating portrayal of swordsmanship and its protagonist’s unique fighting style ahead of the release of its second volume on May 2, 2024.

He commented on the obi of the manga’s second volume, stating: “He is a swordsmith who can draw out the bewitching beauty of swords. The protagonist’s swimming-like fighting style will transform the battlefield into a stage.

With the release of the second volume of Kagurabachi, the cumulative print circulation, including digital versions, will exceed 200,000 copies.

In celebration of the second volume’s release, select bookstores will distribute exclusive stamped illustration cards, while fans will also have the chance to win original T-shirts featuring Chihiro’s design through a special giveaway. Additionally, LINE stamp sets featuring characters from the manga will be available alongside volume 2.

Volume 1 of the manga had featured a glowing recommendation from the mangaka of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi, who lauded the author’s “way of framing the manga as if it were a live-action movie.

Kagurabachi is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takeru Hokazono. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since September 2023. The first tankobon volume was released on Feb 2, 2024.

Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus platform are publishing the series in English.

It has also garnered significant international attention. The English version of Chapter 1 achieved the top spot in global views on MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA just one week after its debut.

Source: Twitter

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