Who Did Rudeus End Up Marrying In Mushoku Tensei?

Let's navigate through Rudeus' multifaceted romances in Mushoku Tensei!

Before we delve into the questions, let’s first understand why we’re discussing Rudeus’ marital prospects. This topic arises due to the recurring pattern in Rudeus’ life – his close companions at various stages have often held positions of potential romantic interest. To illustrate this, let’s break it down:

Rudeus’ journey begins when he encounters Roxy at the age of 3. Hired as his magical tutor, Roxy becomes not only a mentor but also a source of guidance, helping him overcome past traumas that haunted him from his previous life. During their two years together in the Greyrat household, Rudeus develops a deep sense of gratitude for her.

At the age of 5, Rudeus crosses paths with Sylphiette when he rescues her from bullies. Their friendship blooms as Rudeus shares his knowledge with her. However, due to their growing attachment, their parents decide on their separation. It’s noteworthy that Rudeus had previously shown a romantic inclination towards Sylphy.

Then comes Eris, entering Rudeus’ life at the age of 7. Hired to be her tutor in language, arithmetic, and magic, their bond strengthens through shared experiences like the teleportation incident and subsequent travels across the Demon Continent and the Millis Continent. Their journey together fosters intense emotions between them.

These three instances highlight significant relationships in Rudeus’ life, each marked by a unique connection and emotional significance. Now, let’s address the questions you have regarding his potential marriage.

Who does Rudeus end up marrying in Mushoku Tensei? Eris, Roxy, and Sylphy?

Rudeus’ romantic entanglements evolve into a complex web due to his relationships with three pivotal women – Sylphiette, Roxy, and Eris. When it comes to Rudeus Greyrat, the question extends beyond simply asking ‘Whom does Rudeus end up with?’ It transforms into ‘With whom all does Rudeus end up?’

Throughout his journey, Rudeus forms profound romantic connections with three distinct women, each carving a unique niche within his heart. Departing from the conventional norms of monogamy from his previous world, Rudeus embodies a charismatic persona that appeals to women, as he navigates through the intricate paths of their affections.

To answer in short, Rudeus marries and ends up with three significant women in Mushoku Tensei, each of whom has profoundly influenced his life – Sylphy, Roxy, and Eris, in sequential order. His journey through complex relationships and emotional growth leads him to embrace a polygynist approach, forming deep connections with each of them.

Rudeus’ First Wife – Sylphiette

Rudeus and Slyphy in Mushoku Tensei

Their attachment to each other leads to their separation, as decided by their parents. Eight years later, their reunion at Ranoa Magic Academy ignites the resurgence of those sentiments.

Yet, Rudeus remains oblivious to her true identity, as Sylphy has transformed – her hair now a greyish-white, her stature matured, and her eyes concealed behind dark glasses. She adopts the guise of Fitz, The Silent Guardian. Ironically, Rudeus once again mistakes her for a boy, just as he did years ago.

In a gradual progression, Rudeus finds himself increasingly in awe of Fitz. However, beneath the facade, Sylphy grapples with inner turmoil, seeking counsel from Princess Ariel regarding her feelings for Rudeus. Collaboratively, they orchestrate a plan to recreate a poignant memory from their childhood, hoping it will reveal Fitz’s true identity to him.

In the aftermath of this encounter, Sylphy uses an aphrodisiac to remedy Rudeus’ impotence, resulting in a passionate night shared between them. Having cured him, Rudeus and Sylphy’s bond deepens into a romantic relationship, leading him to a decision to marry Sylphy, the first of his three wives, and embark on a life together.

Rudeus’ Second Wife – Roxy

Roxy Mushoku Tensei

Rudeus’ initial fascination with Roxy, his early tutor, transitioned into a profound respect for her. The narrative unfolds many years later within the labyrinth of teleportation, where Rudeus heroically rescues his former mentor from danger. After more than a decade apart, Roxy’s unable to recognize him due to his growth. Yet, their connection transforms in the aftermath of the labyrinth incident.

The sudden loss of his father figure, Paul, engulfs Rudeus in an overwhelming wave of grief, leaving him almost inconsolable. In this critical moment, Roxy takes up the mantle to be his pillar of emotional support, offering solace and understanding. Their shared night together becomes a pivotal point in their relationship.

Roxy, burdened by a sense of guilt for what she perceives as taking advantage of Rudeus in his vulnerable state, results in an initially awkward interaction between them. Despite this, Rudeus acknowledges the profound impact she has had on his life and recognizes his indebtedness to her. This realization leads him to make the decision to take Roxy as his second wife.

While Sylphy had previously harbored a tinge of jealousy regarding Roxy’s role in Rudeus’s life, her eventual acceptance of Roxy is a testament to their evolving relationships and the growth of an interesting dynamic between them.

Rudeus’ Third Wife – Eris

Eris Mushoku Tensei

Eris holds the position of Rudeus’ third wife, a role that can be argued as the one he ultimately ends up with. His initial encounter with Eris takes place when he is seven years old, assuming the responsibility of being her tutor—imparting lessons in language, mathematics, and magic.

Following the aftermath of the Mana Calamity, they embark on an adventurous journey as companions and navigate through the Demon and Milis Continents. This shared experience strengthens their bonds. At the end of their journey, they spend an intimate night together. However, the very next day, Eris departs abruptly, leaving a profound impact on Rudeus. This particular incident inflicts significant emotional trauma on Rudeus, resulting in the development of his erectile dysfunction.

Eris undergoes a period of extensive training, leading to their reunion five years later, following their battle with Orsted. This reunion reignites their affection for each other, rekindling the flames of their romance.

Despite Eris’ growing capabilities and strength, she struggles with feelings of inferiority in comparison to both Sylphy and Roxy. However, their support and acceptance help Eris find her place among them, ultimately fostering an environment of mutual respect and camaraderie.

The revival of Rudeus and Eris’ romantic connection during their confrontation with Orsted symbolizes the conclusion of Rudeus’ intricate journey through relationships and solidifies his bond with Eris.

Cover Illustration for Mushoku Tensei Volume 26

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