What Are The Powers Of The War Hammer Titan In Attack On Titan?

The War Hammer Titan is very powerful and could have solidified Marley's power status in the world. Let's take a look at what the War Hammer Titan is capable of!

WARNING! This article contains major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Please read ahead at your own discretion!

Willy Tybur’s speech was certainly a hype moment in Attack on Titan, and the Tybur family held great secrets and powers that were never used in Marley’s strategy. We cannot say how much power Marley would have in the world if they could utilize the War Hammer Titan in their wars and their secret plans.

That is a little sad, as the War Hammer Titan is very powerful and could have solidified Marley’s power status in the world. Let’s take a look at what the War Hammer Titan is capable of!

War Hammer Titan Hardening

The War Hammer Titan can harden its body and form hardened structures with Titan flesh. Now, this seems like something that the Attack Titan or the Armored Titan can do, but it’s not just that simple.

The War Hammer Titan is unique in the fact that it can harden titan flesh and create weapons out of it. This is more obvious, considering the name: WAR HAMMER Titan. It can literally create a wide array of weapons, with the giant hammer being its speciality.

h029 1
The Titan’s signature War Hammer

Additionally, the War Hammer Titans were also capable of creating spears, poles, whips, and even scythes! It is one of two factors that make it immensely strong in battle.

This hardening is not just used to make weapons, but also to create spikes shooting up from the ground that can be used to impale other titans in a battle or completely change the geography of an area.

The only problem is that using this power constantly causes intense fatigue for the user. However, what makes the Warhammer Titan very unique is the following ability.

Remote Controlled War Hammer

Remote controlled cars are fun and safe. Even if something crashes, you’re at no harm. Translate that to titans! The War Hammer Titan can basically remote control the titan body and stay hidden away. The problem with titans is that their nape is the weak point. Cut them there and they’re just dead.

The War Hammer Titan is unique with this rule. Since the real body is hidden away and connected to the host by titan flesh, cutting the nape of the War Hammer Titan literally causes no problems. It regenerates and it goes back to attacking.

t010 1
The War Hammer Titan doesn’t die after destroying the nape

Not only that but when the host is remotely controlling the titan, they are encased in hard, titan crystal. This crystal is the same crystal that Annie, The Female Titan, encased herself with.

This crystal is borderline unbreakable and the only thing we’ve seen so far that can break it is the Jaw Titan’s claws and well… Jaw. Keep in mind that the Jaw Titan breaks it’s mouth as it destroys the crystal.

This keeps the host safe while the battle is fought from far away. Unless the enemy has a Jaw Titan, but that’s a fantasy situation in a fantasy situation. The host is also fully conscious when they are in the crystal, unlike Annie.

o016 1
The War Hammer Titan’s unbreakable crystal


The War Hammer Titan can harden itself and create weapons out of hardened titan flesh. It can also encase the host in a crystal that’s remotely located and controls the titan. The only downside is that continuous usage of the hardened weapons causes fatigue for the user.

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