Top 6 Food/Gourmet Animes You Must Watch!


Food is something that never really gets highlighted in a shounen anime,thus very few get to appreciate its worth. Yet when they are shown in a scene, it gets stuck in your head and makes you drool. Be it hand drawn or animated, Japanese studios have presented us with such marvellous in between scenes of piping hot food that stimulates us to know more about them, don’t you agree? 

So here I present to you 6 great animes focused only on food and its experiences! Let’s Dig in!

6. Dagashi Kashi

Starting with some underrated Japanese culture-y eats, dagashi aka cheap candies and snacks(which are too valuable to us otakus). This Rom-com cooking anime revolves around the different types of snacks popular in Japan.

It is quite funny and informative when the MCs Kokonotsu and Hotaru are at civil war to prove their favourite candies are the best. A must watch if you are a Japan nerd like me!

5. Wakako zake

Wakako zake is a 12 episode anime which features 26 years old Murasaki Wakako enjoying different types of food all across Japan after her boring worklife. She eats alone to get the fullest of the dining experiences.

This anime is the only anime produced by Office DCI studio with each episode run time only 2minutes! Wakako zake also has a live action adaptation with the same name and plotline. Do have a look if you are not satisfied with the anime!

4. Bartender

Aaah!! This is a gem of a gourmet anime centering the art of making cocktails! The life of a bartender is not easy but it sure is classy. The anime has a stylish approach with recipes and end credits of the drinks in question.

Ryu Sasakura, having incredible talent to make cocktails attract people of different walks to taste his “ Glass of Gods”. This 11 episode saga will make you appreciate bartenders in a new light.

3. Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

If you are looking for a ramen expert to guide you choose which one is best suited for you, then watch this anime. Period.

There is no concrete plot except watching few waifus gulp down huge bowls of noodles keeping their beauty intact. This 12 episode brothy dilemma is a good watch only for all the gluttons . A live action drama was also aired based on the same name!

2. Sweetness and Lightning

Home made food has an added flavour that is alien to any restaurants out there. And the very theme is highlighted time and again in this slice of life anime.

This simple story is of a motherless child and his father, and their struggles to have something good everyday at their table. This anime by TMS Entertainment is really underrated but it has great visuals and music to glue you down. The fun part is that they also slip in recipes of the delicious looking meals that you may try at home!

1. Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

The only food anime that almost broke the internet with its foodporn graphics and amazing versatility is this one.

Yukihira Soma, our protagonist comes from a small family restaurant and wrecks the most Elite Chefs of the Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute with his cooking ninja techniques!

This might be the only food anime that is known by many otakus across the world for its ecchi and shounen qualities. But in general it’s just Master chef on steroids. 100% recommended.

Yeah, so that’s all folks! I hope senpai was of help. If you want to add some of your own, shy not! Go ahead and comment down below! Mata ne ^-^

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