Real Life Pantsu Thief Arrested

Although watching Kazuma steal panties in Konosuba may be fun for some, it is not accepted in real life. A 60-year old man from Japan found that out the hard way. The man is caught on suspicion of committing the crime of theft. To which he later admitted(hence a real life pantsu thief). According to the news, the man stole two pieces of underwear which were drying at the home of a woman in her thirties on the morning of November 25.

real life pantsu thief - image from Konosuba

The victim caught the man stealing from his car and reported the incident. The police found him based on the description and the suspect tried to escape. He went to his car and went fast, hitting an on-duty officer. So he was also arrested for obstructing the execution of public affairs and attempting to run away. Further investigations found more women’s underwear in the car. Later upon searching his house, police found about 900 pairs of women’s underwear in the man’s home. The police are investigating further on the incident.

So remember, a real-life pantsu thief (or anything else illegal) will always be met with severe consequences.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan
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