Otaku Foreigners Prefer Japanese Over Native Language

Foreigners deemed the "latin" language of Otakus is Japanese.

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As with many things that were deemed unfashionable or geeky in the past, there have been a growing number of people who are interested, instantly making the Otaku culture more popular.

With popularity comes acceptance hence the change in mindset.

The Japanese culture is beautiful and cool. But if one is not a native and wants to fit in, they tend to try to survive the culture shock.

One of the interesting ways to cope that came to notice on Twitter was the unofficial “warning” to speak in Japanese when talking to a fellow Otaku or dealing with anime and manga in a store or public place.

According to the above tweet, user @suama noticed that foreigner otakus with a decent following has put up warning tweets for Otakus on their profile in Japanese. They have deemed the “Latin” language of Otakus has to be the national language of Japan.

The trend is: “Universal Otaku Language= Japanese”.

Furthermore, it has become a known fact that when it comes to multinational conversations at Japan Expo overseas, the common language they prefer is really Japanese.

This intriguing Japanese subculture penetrated so much overseas, that even manga and anime merchandise store clerks have also picked up the involuntary signs of an Otaku.

Some stores have also made it a rule to speak only in basic Japanese with the customers, using “yen” instead of “euros” and referring to the English-translated materials as “references” to the original.

Source: HachimaKiko

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