Nisio Isin & Yuji Iwasaki’s Cipher Academy Manga Ends With Chapter 58

Cipher Academy

Nisio Isin and Yuji Iwasaki’s manga, Cipher Academy, has come to an end in issue #10 of Weekly Shonen Jump which was published on Feb 5, 2024.

The manga ended with chapter 58.

The manga’s 6th volume will be releasing in March 2024, whereas the 7th and final volume of the manga will release in May 2024.

Cipher Academy

Following the manga’s end, a section of fans once again came up with the axe-allegations, suggesting that the manga was prematurely terminated due to poor TOC rankings and other factors.

However, another section of readers were happy with the ending that Cipher Academy had, praising the story and art of the manga along with it.

Others also pointed out how hard the series was for non-Japanese readers to grasp, mainly owing to the difficulty in translating the series.

Cipher academy manga ending reaction

Cipher Academy started serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump from November 2022, with its chapters collected into 5 tankobon volumes.

Manga Plus describes the plot of the manga as follows:

Iroha is an average student newly enrolled in Cipher Academy, a Spartan school where students must crack code after code after code with barely enough time to catch their breath! Then a mysterious person named Kogoe gives Iroha an unusual pair of glasses with a crazy secret behind them!

A voice comic featuring Rina Sato, Ayane Sakura, and Saori Onishi was also released on YouTube.

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