Group Of Indian Anime Clubs Organize Anime Story Competition ‘ANITALE 2023’


Update: The winners of the competition have been announced, scroll to the bottom to check them out!

A Group of Indian Anime clubs are organizing an online story competition centered on themes and ideas seen in anime. The competition is titled ‘ANITALE 2023’, and was held between Aug 13, 2023 to Sep 2, 2023.

ANI Tale 1

Along with Jalgaon Anime Club, Culture Junction, Indore Anime Club, Kolhapur Anime Club, Rajkot Anime Club and Gujarat Anime Club organized the event.

ANITALE 2023 was sponsored by ComicSense, Mamasmerch, Nerd Nirvana, Think Different Hub, Crimson Moon and Peachy Ame Shop.

“Behind ANITALE lies the tireless efforts of all organizers and media partners. We are very happy to be a part of this event. Surely budding writers and mangakas will be encouraged through this event. Good luck to all contestants,” the organizers said in their comment.

“We at Nerd Nirvana highly believe in originality and creativity, and we found this event to be one of them. We are really delighted we got to be a part of it and wish a huge success,” said Nerd Nirvana on the event.

Participants were instructed to submit their original stories or fanfictions, with the organizers claiming that this is an opportunity for budding writers to “breathe life” into their imaginative characters and the world they build. The story wasa supposed to be atleast 1000 words long, but not more than 5000 words.

While participants were free to use any narrative style, they are encouraged to use engaging dialogues to make the work more interesting. The stories could be typed out or written but they are to be submitted in Word or PDF format only.

The competition also boasts a host of well-known anime clubs and entities acting as their media partners, including Nagpur Anime Club, Chennai Anime Club, Natsu Kaze Fest, and Assam Senpai Society among others. Animehuch is also a media partner for this event.

Anitale winners update:

The winners of the competition were announced on Sep 18, 2023 at 7:30 p.m (IST). A total of 8 titles were picked out as winners of the competition. The winners are as follows:

8. Roronoa Zoro (Lost Piece)
7. Sejal Borkar (I am Mother)
6. Kaustav Medhi (The Last Letter)
5. G. Kishan Kannan (The Last King)
4. Kenza Fernandez (The Way of the Househusband)
3. Sameer Nathan (The Sense of Bizarre)
2. Swapnil Das (Murder of Dreams)
1. Farhaan Khan (Prometheus)

Their stories can be checked out at this link here!

Announcement reel can be checkout below:

The winner of Anitale stands to win a Zoro figurine along with two anime posters. Runners up also have a chance to win exciting prizes including anime posters, keychains, Anime T-shirts and other anime related accessories. For more details about prizes check out the image below!


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