Will Goku Become An Angel In Dragon Ball Super?

The Saiyan Goku is grinding hard on mastering Ultra Instinct and become as strong as Whis. Fans wonder whether he'll become an Angel someday.


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from the Granolah arc of Dragon Ball Super Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Dragon Ball Super added two new categories to the God hierarchy – God of Destruction and Angel. Note that both are positions and not referring to a group of individuals. G.O.Ds are not born. Technically, they could be anyone, as long as they’re qualified by the higher-ups.

Toppo is set to be the next Destroyer God of Universe 11 succeeding Belmod. Both were mortals and former members of the Pride Troopers (Toppo currently is a member, but not for long).

However, we can’t say the same for the Angels. They all seem to be the children of the Grand Priest. But, he can demote an Angel by temporarily erasing and resurrecting him/her as a Mortal. This was the case for Merus. Since then, I’ve been wondering whether the reverse is true…

In Chapter 68, Beerus mentions that Ultra Instinct is the specialty of the Angels. Since then, fans have been wondering whether Goku is on the path to becoming an Angel someday. In this article, I address this “million-dollar” question.

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Will Goku one day become an Angel?

As many fans would know, Toyotarou is well known for borrowing elements from fan fiction and incorporating them in the main series. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, it seems the Grand Priest had trained Goku and we see the two of them coming to Earth. We see Goku wearing the same outfit the Grand Priest wears:

Will Goku Become An Angel In Dragon Ball Super?: Goku and the Grand Priest in Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 9 – Goku and the Grand Priest arriving on Earth to join the battle against Hearts

Combining this and the developments in the latest chapter, Fans started speculating that Goku will become an Angel in the unforeseen future. But I highly doubt that will ever happen…

First of all, unlike the G.O.Ds, Angels probably are not made but are born. They are the children of the Grand Priest and so far, we’ve seen no mortal becoming an Angel.

People can argue that “what if the Grand Priest has the ability to do the opposite to Goku if the need requires?” There is a possibility, but it’ll require a strong reason from Whis’s side for this to happen.

The main reason why Goku would not be willing to take the responsibilities of an Angel is that he won’t accept any position which would hinder his opportunity to fight strong opponents in a serious combat.

In Dragon Ball, he turned down the offer to become the next Guardian of the Earth.

Goku refusing Kami's offer on becoming the next Guardian of the Earth
Dragon Ball Chapter 194 – Goku refusing Kami’s offer to become the Guardian of Earth

In Super, he’d been asked twice or thrice whether he was keen on becoming the next God of Destruction and the answer was always the same:

Goku refusing to become a God of Destruction when asked by Whis
Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Goku doesn’t wish to become a G.O.D

In the Moro arc, when he realized that he was obligated to finish off Moro while being a member of the Galactic Patrol, Goku went ahead and quit to fight Moro as an earthling so that he could have a good fight against the goat villain without any reservations.

Goku quitting the galactic patrol in order to fight Moro the way he wants
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64 – Goku quitting the Galactic Patrol to fight Moro head on

Now, as you’ve observed, there’s no panel of Goku directly refusing to become an Angel. But, let me tell you why he’d still reject it even if offered.

The Gods of Destruction and the Angels differ in many ways. One is the amount of liberty he/she has in his/her respective roles.

For example, Toriyama mentions in an interview that the G.O.Ds don’t act on the Kaiōshin’s orders; rather they destroy according to their own individual judgment. What’s more, they can go all out if they want to in a fight. They just choose not to cause’ they feel it’s not required or too tiresome. 

Such freedom isn’t available to the Angels. Even though they’re stronger than the G.O.Ds, they are designated as their attendants. Meaning that they have to listen to what the G.O.Ds tell them. This is exemplified when Champa orders Vados to destroy a planet on his behalf in the Anime.

Normally, it’s not the Angels’ job to destroy but if their Lord aka respective Destroyer God allows it, they can. However, they can stop or intervene in their affairs if they go out of control. Both Whis and Vados stopped Beerus and Champa from destroying the Universe in chapter 6 of the Manga. 

If Goku waves off the offer of becoming a Destroyer God, imagine the rebuttal if they request him on becoming an Angel. Also, there’s one major restriction on the Angels that could pretty much put off Goku if he had to consider the possibility. 

According to Angel Law, an Angel, in any circumstances, should neither fight at full power nor take sides in a war amongst mortals. There would be severe consequences if they happen to violate the law, a fate similar to Merus for instance.

Being the battle-hungry maniac that he is, this would be Goku’s worst nightmare. If he was willing to quit the galactic patrol so that he could have the thrill in fighting Moro, there’s no way he would accept the position of an Angel.

Road to Ultra Instinct

Goku’s journey on achieving the Divine technique actually began when he was a kid. His godly teachers played a major role in developing that inner godly-ness and it’s not just Whis or Merus.

Korin initiated Goku into the godly ways by giving important instructions on body movement and predicting the position of his opponent. Popo and Kami then instigated the first big lesson which played a pivotal part – calming your heart and be quick as lightning. King Kai taught him about Ki Control and training not only your body but also your spirit.

Whis formally introduced him to the concept of mastery of self-movement or letting your body act on its own while reducing thought generation. Finally, Merus helped him to activate Ultra Instinct at will.

I’ve elaborated more on this journey in another article. So do check it out!

Final Thoughts

Goku is taking the Angelic route in the recent arcs and is hell-bent on getting stronger by polishing his Ultra Instinct. But it doesn’t mean he will become an Angel in the future. Remember that Angelic powers and the position of an Angel are different. One can wield the Angel specialty move, even Beerus can. But obviously, he’s not an Angel.

Angels are born and not made, but let’s say for argument’s sake that a mortal can become an Angel. Based on the restrictions Angels have regarding combat, Goku would definitely not be suitable for the role. However, one cannot deny the possibility of temporary occupation of the position in an emergency. 

I think Goku just wants the power of the Angels without becoming one. His thoughts would be – using the training and tips offered by Whis, he could push himself to greater heights, aiming to be on par with the levels of Angels and even surpass them, without necessarily becoming an Angel per se.

Compared to Vegeta becoming a God of Destruction someday, Goku’s chances of becoming a full-fledged Angel like Whis are very slim. 

What do you guys think of Goku’s progress in Ultra Instinct? Will he become an Angel in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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