Fans Divided Over Eren’s Scream In Dubbed Version Of AOT Final Season

A section of fans argued that Eren's scream was not up to the mark.

The dubbed version of Attack on Titan: Final Season part 2 Episode 5, which aired this week, had the fandom divided over Eren Yeager’s iconic scream in the episode as they compared it to its subbed counterpart.

While a section of fans praised Bryce Papenbrook for his voice acting in the scene, there were others who said he didn’t come close to Yuki Kaji’s portrayal of Eren in the subbed version.

The naysayers highlighted multiple points, including Bryce’s vocal range while portraying Eren, as well as the shortcomings in the scream itself, as they criticized dubbed version.

Meanwhile the ones in favor of Bryce’s performance pointed out that he has done a good job of portraying the character. Some fans even argued that the voice acting in Eren’s scream which appeared multiple times in the episode was certainly one of the better portrayals of a character in the dubbed version, if not a Top 5 performance.

Twitter user @Memo_HS2022 carried out an audio comparison and pointed out that Eren’s scream from the subbed version of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 sounded low because of the audio decisions.

“Audio Comparison: Yuki Kaji’s scream is objectively louder than Bryce’s, cause the dub made his scream quieter due to audio decisions (If they mixed it differently it would be equal, and I had to make the audio 4 times louder to make a comparison),” the user tweeted.

Other than the scream, Eren’s monologue from the episode too was pulled in the comparison game, with many fans stating that Bryce was trying too hard to make Eren sound “tough” and “mature”. Again, opposing views were put forth supporting not just Bryce but also Kaji for the way they poured their heart and soul into the performance.

Kaji had disclosed in a recent Twitter update that he almost lost his voice while recording Eren’s scream from the episode.

The dubbed version of Attack on Titan: Final Season part 2 began airing on Toonami on Feb 12, 2022. Funimation began streaming the episodes from the next day, Feb 13, 2022.

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