Choujin X Chapter 10 Analysis: Lies And Skepticism

The plot thickens as Tokio and Ely get to the bottom of the mystery behind Shiozaki's true identity. Choujin X Chapter 10 carries the mysterious vibe from the previous. How will the 2nd interrogation take place?


If Chapter 9 introduced the mystery element in Choujin X, Chapter 10 delved deeper into that mystery. Things are moving on from action to lore and enigma.

Choujin X Chapter 10 picks up where Chapter 9 left off, with an intriguing new character introduced: Tezuya Shiozaki, a Choujin who works underground yet presents a clean slate on the outside (read our Chapter 9 analysis article for more details).

The previous Chapter concluded with Tokio and Ely catching Shiozaki red handed when the latter used his power to steal a “Goga Gola”.

Chapter 10 begins with the duo from Yamato Mori question the former baseballer on his activities. Later on, they figured out that he was lying. How will they confront the troublemaker and explain to the higher authorities at Yamato Mori?

Read on as I continue my review of Tokyo Ghoul’s sister series by Analyzing Choujin X Chapter 10!

Tezuya Shiozaki – The plot thickens

Of course, Tokio and Ely were immediately sus of Shiozaki. The two of them took him to the Nakanaka Cafe for probing.

Ely suspects Shiozaki

Seeing that the duo aren’t part of Yamato Mori’s keepers, Shiozaki thought it’d be wiser to lie and try to get away from the current situation. So far, he faced two interrogations and he’s definitely not happy about it.

He tried beating around the bush by saying he’s a class A registrant, a class of Choujins who are authorized to use their powers at any time (check our Chapter 8 analysis for the levels of class registrants).

Shiozaki also said the whole vending machine incident was part of an investigation. Heh. A likely story. That was a pathetic attempt of a lie by the former baseballer. But Tokio is gullible as heck and Ely is a kid. So they’d buy it I suppose. Never let the kids do a man’s job.

The so-called investigation pays 300,000 yen (equivalent to Rs. 199,160 and $2,644).

As I mentioned in my Chapter 9 analysis, both Ely and Shiozaki want loads of money to fulfil their dreams. But it seems Ely’s lust for money made her change her long term plans in an instant.

Ely in Chapter 9:

Choujin X Chapter 10 Analysis: Ely wants to go back home soon
“I don’t expect to be in Yamato Mori forever” said Ely

Ely in Choujin X Chapter 10:

Choujin X Chapter 10 Analysis: Ely changed her mind about farming

It’s true that Ely isn’t so deeply into farming (Chapter 1 kinda showed that), but to convert your full time job into a hobby in a single day? The things money can do to a person. Jeez.

Anyway, Shiozaki managed to leave safe and sound. Close call. Thank your lucky stars it was with a bunch of kids.

However, what is more interesting is that we see Ume in the background.

Ume doesn’t know…

We were introduced to Richard and Umezawa in Chapter 8 where they were contacted by a mysterious man. The latter’s identity is still unknown….

In this Chapter, Ume said two sentences (yes, I over analyze stuff. Huehuehue). She is talking to someone on the phone. Could be either Richard or the mystery man.

“No, it was torn up” – Ume’s probably referring to her dog-like Shikigami that she laid out in the city in Chapter 8. In Chapter 9, Shiozaki accidentally encountered one such dog and stomped on it.

“It wasn’t the person with the drugs. If it were, I’d know.” – I don’t know whom she’s referring to here. But what I do know is, Furuta 2.0 has a box of drug (the one we see in Chapter 1) which the Mohawk guy used.

Does it mean Furuta 2.0 and the mysterious man are different? We’ll have to wait for more chapters to find out.

Little did Ume know that the one who were responsible for tackling Nari are behind her and the person who tore up her Shikigami is in front of her. All of these four will definitely meet again in the future.

The flashback

Aaaah yes. It’s flashback time! A word which sends a good amount of dopamine in my brain. Here we go…

So we see Shiozaki, the ace pitcher of Tsuru High going up against Seiryu High’s powerhouse and living homerun hitting machine Matsuura. The latter doesn’t take a swing at all in the first two pitches.

Very risky in my opinion. One more strike and he’s out. Then again, it’s Japanese media. The characters love to show off.

Matsuura is waiting for Shiozaki’s sinker. And the ace pitcher gives it to him. Now comes the interesting part.

While he prepares to throw his signature move, he recalls his purpose of becoming a baseballer.

Choujin X Chapter 10 Analysis: Shiozaki's resolve
“I’m done living a poverty stricken life” – Tezuya Shiozaki

As he throws, something snaps from within. His eyes give off a creepy vibe. The words “Sinker” and “money” repeats in his head.

Shiozaki’s main motivation for doing what he does today is to support for his two baby brothers and come out of poverty. He actually doesn’t like going out in nights with a bunch of thugs and robbing off banks. He’s doing it out of necessity.

But what if he joined the Yamato Mori squad instead? Would he have earned as much money to provide for himself and his two brothers? Ely, in Chapter 9, asks whether Yamato Mori makes money by solving crimes or saving the good from the bad.

Well, I guess he felt he wouldn’t fit in. But let’s wait for his actual reason in upcoming chapters.

As he’s about to throw the ball, his hands are covered with strange symbols and the word “Next” is written on his nails.

Also, I just noticed that the X mark in the background is present even when Ely and Tokio transformed into a Choujin for the first time.

0010 013 1
The “X” of Choujin X

To Shiozaki’s surprise, the ball doesn’t sink. Instead, it hits on Matsuura’s shoulder and falls on the ground. But that’s not all.

The balls spins hard and what we see next is shocking. A huge sink hole suddenly appears where the ball was at. And Matsuura seems to have fallen into the pit. It looks like a 2D Black Hole not gonna lie.

Everyone’s stunned at the situation. Even Shiozaki. He’s speechless. The pitcher cannot believe what he just saw.

The others call Shiozaki a monster. The last panel of the flashback shows Shiozaki as a child with the Japanese word “Bakemono” in the middle of the page. Bakemono means monster.

So what happened here? Later on in Choujin X Chapter 10, Ely and Tokio learn something new about Choujins and how their power activates.

How ordinary humans become Choujins

0010 020
The stages of Choujin awakening

By the way, can I point out that Momoma and Ely are sleeping during class once again? My spirit animals for sure. So adorable.

So far, we know of two ways humans can turn into a Choujin:

  • Injecting a drug within a human
  • An existing Choujin infecting a human

Here in this Chapter, Mr. Sandaq (Viz uses the word Sandek here. C’mon man. You guys have one job!) explains that a human with the qualities of becoming a Choujin experience a lot of stress.

They either awaken their Choujin powers or revert back to their human form but with a disturbed mindset, losing their sense of self.

Now here’s a theory: I think this applies to Azuma. The guy took the drug but didn’t transform into a superhuman. Confusion and guilt occupied his mind. But the thing is, he didn’t experience the trigger the others faced when their powers unleashed.

Momoma, in Chapter 8, said Choujin powers are influenced by strong emotion. Ely, Tokio and Shiozaki all experienced a strong sense of emotional trigger which enabled them to transform.

It’s possible that, once Azuma experiences such a shock in the future, his innate power would surface. He’d either become a tiger or a lion-like Choujin.

I think Shiozaki did get a shot of the drug sometime in the past and during that baseball match with Seiryu High, he experienced that trigger necessary to activate his Choujin power.

And considering he likes baseball and is a high speed sinker, the gravitational substance of his power makes sense.

We still have to witness Shiozaki’s second chaos state. The 2nd state could be compared to Full Beastification. It’s not confirmed yet, but we’ll get to know. So many uncertainties. Just like our future. Huhuhu.

Another Robbery

It’s beyond any doubt that Shiozaki doesn’t like his thug life (pun intended), nor does he feel at home with his thug mates. His superiors called him for another stealing session and he frustratingly agreed to accompany them.

The next day, the robbery appears in the news. Azuma and Tokio discuss on who could be behind it. Azuma is intelligent. He rightfully speculated that the pit cannot be caused by a drill and it could be a Choujin’s handiwork.

See, that’s why I’ve been saying that Azuma should join Yamato Mori as an intel agent or something. Nevertheless, he should join them. He’d be very useful.

Anyway, Tokio gets reminded of Shiozaki’s little stunt with the vending machine and decides to ask Momoma a key question.

Shiozaki isn’t a Class A Registrant

Momoma says the ace pitcher did go to Yamato Mori to register but it wasn’t for Class A.

Which means he most likely is a Class B registrant.

Talking with Momoma made Tokio realize that Shiozaki was indeed lying and now, they have to confront and get the truth out of him. Or atleast Ely is determined to do so.

Final Thoughts

Choujin X Chapter 10 carries the mysterious vibe from the previous. We’re getting slowly into the bottom of it and I’m guessing the next Chapter might solve some interesting questions I presented before.

Tokio and Ely decided to go to Southside to give a brand new Roller Boy Yay-Yay to the boy she stole from in Chapter 2.

Remember kids, Roller Boy Yay-Yays are the Giga Chad’s mode of transport. Let’s fill this world with the phenomenon that is Roller Boy Yay-Yay.

Erh erm.. anyway, Shiozaki is from the Southside too. So Tokio and Ely will have another interrogation session. Maybe Ume will appear during that time. And it could be Tokio, Ely & Shiozaki vs Ume and Richard.

I think Shiozaki might join Yamato Mori after all this.

So what do you think of Choujin X Chapter 10? Let me know in the comments below!

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