Choujin X Chapter 6 Analysis: Enter Full Beastification Mode

Choujin X Chapter 6 introduces us to the new transformation - Full Beastification. Will Tokio finally let go of his past and embrace his Bestial instincts?


Four days. It took four freakin’ days for Viz to translate Choujin X Chapter 6 into English. Plus, it has some translation errors. I mean, they had four days to do their job diligently. And yet, they wrote “Sandaq” instead of “Sandek”. Yes, we all know Ishida drops chapters out of the blue but, c’mon. The people in charge of Choujin X at Viz need to speed things up while not compromising translation quality.

I think it’s fair to say that Sui Ishida was ready with Chapter 6 even before Chapter 5 dropped, at least with the outline. Maybe we should start a guessing game on what date he’d drop the next chapter. I’m thinking… August 24th. Let’s see if I’m right…

Jokes aside, I sincerely hope Ishida is taking care of himself. He doesn’t need to trouble himself with these quick drops. The man should relax, play some Shin-Chan games, spend quality time with loved ones and so on.

Coming back to our main topic, Chapter 5 featured another chase scene, more flashbacks and the first meeting between Ely and Tokio. I feel this is a key moment in the plot and things could change drastically from here. This meeting is very important for character development and a smooth transition into the next part of the story. How will Ely and Tokio escape the clutches of Nari, the Snake Choujin?

Read on as I skim through the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul’s sister series – Analyzing Choujin X Chapter 6!

Ely’s entrance to the scene is a bit weird

To be honest, there’s not much to discuss in this chapter except for a few points here and there. I can kinda relax and enjoy the action in this chapter. Peace for Choujin X theorists. Thank you Ishida-sensei.

Chapter 6 begins with adorable little Ely (Why can I still hear sirens outside?) talking with a mysterious person near the zoo. From what I think while reading this portion, she might be from Sandek’s Choujin protection agency who is assigned as a guardian to Ely.

The little smoke Choujin needs emotional support to control her powers and absorb the fact that she’s not a normal human being anymore. We saw how sad she was at the end of Chapter 2. Ely, like Tokio, would have gone through a lot of upheavals after becoming a Choujin. To be fair, I believe Ely has a higher IQ than Tokio because she cared about the well-being of others by rescuing the goat bikers.

Anyway, that unknown lady (it could be a woman. Page 2 of the Chapter shows her cough cough swollen chest. A man wouldn’t have that, unless he’s a trap) may not be a Choujin. When Ely felt a tingly feeling on her neck, the person accompanying her didn’t feel a thing.

We learn from the previous chapter that, when Choujins use their power, it releases a signal which other Choujins close by can detect. Ely might have caught Nari’s signal as Tokio did not use any of his powers. But the main question for me is, why did Ely choose to rush towards the scene? She had no idea about the whole “Choujin signal” thing.

Perhaps she was just curious to see what it was about. Pretty weird sense of curiosity if you ask me. It also made me wonder why she couldn’t sense Chandra’s signal back in chapter 2. Maybe Ishida will shed some light on these in the future…

As soon as she arrived at the spot, she saw Tokio and said “a person”. I mentioned what that meant in my chapter 5 review so do check it out. She looked at Nari and looked back at a teary-eyed Tokio. I guess from looking at them, she understood who’s the predator and who’s the prey. She herself was in Tokio’s position not too long ago. So I reckon she immediately understood the situation.

Choujin X Chapter 6 Analysis: Ely understood what's going on
Ely noticed the tension in the air

And what did Ely do next? The same thing she did when someone was nearby to “escort” her.

The famous meme from the Scary Movie series
Run Beak Boy & Smoke Girl! Ruuuun!!

Rather than running her legs out, she decided to make good use of her Choujin powers. Notice how she flies. Smoke is emitting from her feet. This shows that she’s been training well with Hoshi and gained some control over her powers. So much so the smokin’ adorable girl learned to eject smoke from different places of her body. Wonder if she can emit smoke out of her… (FBI! OPEN UP!)

Erh erm… By the way, did I mention how smokin’ hot Nari is? I did not notice her removing her hoodie in the last chapter. Now I may have trouble picking sides here. However, one mustn’t succumb to evildoers, even if they can make your nose bleed. Hmm… Now I sound like a dirty old man. Side effects of being a Dragon Ball fan and an ‘admirer’ of a certain master I suppose.

Now coming back to our discussion. Ely doesn’t seem to have a full grasp of her powers as the smoke from her feet fizzled out. Both she and the Junpei look-alike crash towards the ground and tumble.

Now comes the main part of Choujin X Chapter 6.

Ely Vs Nari

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Ely to fight Nari head-on. I thought she’d just run away and find help. Unfortunately for her, she tried to do that but Nari was quick on her feet.

Tokio asks an important question here. Did Ely really try to save him? We know that Ely was compassionate enough to prevent the goat-masked bikers from breaking their necks during the chase scene. She might have joined the Choujins protection squad Hoshi is part of.

Back in Chapter 1, she even protected the old grandma in the plane from Chandra. She got to know that her accidental smoke emission saved the 200 passengers in that plane. All this might have given her motivation to use her powers for saving others rather than for selfish reasons.

Ely was sad, but didn’t brood about her condition for days together, unlike a certain Bestial Choujin character in the story. Speaking of whom, we will talk about his road to independence in a while.

Nari is infuriated by Ely’s interruption with her assignment. While materializing snakeheads from her arms, she attempts to kill the harmless little girl.

In an act of self-defense and much to Tokio’s shock (I don’t know why he looks so amazed. Or is it fear? The fear of his savior dying for his safety? Guilt and feelings of utter uselessness would manifest once again if that happened), Ely began to unwrap the tape around her right arm and yells out “Release! Come out!” Seriously, this is reminding me of Beyblade.

Actually, this also reminds me of a character from another series – Miroku from Inuyasha.

See how Ely removed the tape and tries to unleash hot smoke from her palm? This is very similar to Miroku taking off the beads from his right hand and exposing his “Wind Tunnel”.

Choujin X Chapter 6 Analysis: Ely unleashing her smoke powers from her hand on Nari
Ely using her smoke attack on Nari
Miroku using his Wind Tunnel
Miroku’s Wind Tunnel

There are some similarities between the two moves.

  • Both Miroku and Ely feel disturbed while using their powers. Like it’s a curse. Funny thing is, Miroku’s Wind Tunnel IS a curse upon him and Ely feels her life changed due to the ‘curse’ of her Choujin powers.
  • Both of them receive something like a recoil damage when using their powers extensively. When Miroku’s technique is overused, blood oozes out from his face, and Ely must inflict pain on herself in order to activate her powers. Previously, she used a knife to pierce her hand and this time, she bit her lip. After releasing too much smoke, she feels stiff and exhausted.

Post activation, smokin’ adorable Ely unleashed her smoke to burn the smokin’ hot Nari. Her snake-like hands caught fire, followed by her face. She screams out in pain but quickly regains her composure. To everyone’s shock, Nari proceeds to transform or activate her Full Beastification mode.

First glace of Full Beastification

Nari's Full Beastification mode
Full Beastification mode – Nari

According to Urbandictionary, Beastification is the process of fusing something nonhuman with a bestial nature or animal characteristics, or the representation of an abstract quality in beast form.

As we can observe, Nari has transformed into a full-on white snake, while retaining her sense of speech.

I think what happens during this process is, the user lets loose the primal instincts of the beast they transform into. It’d probably manifest all of its features. Nari has the slimy nature of a snake including all its poisonous fangs. If Tokio unlocks his own version of Full Beastification mode, he’d most probably have wings and stuff. Maybe he can flee the scene faster than before.

Nari is now a huge white snake. She whacks the heck outta Ely, sending her flying towards the monkey cage. The Snake Choujin then throws her into the air, but she becomes entangled under all of the cage bars. Meanwhile, Ely is flat and Tokio helplessly watches everything from the sidelines. He’s clueless on what to do next. The little girl instructs him to… yeah. The same thing they always do.

Run Bitch! Ruuuuuun!

Once again, Tokio brings the old “What would Azuma do?” Sooner or later, he needs to start thinking on his own…

Tokio begins to transform

Yes. It is finally happening. The moment we’ve all been waiting for ladies and gentlemen. My boy Tokio is embracing his love for beasts and is preparing to change into one… completely…

He gets inspired by a buzzard flying into the sky. And it’s not just any buzzard. It’s the same one in the zoo he first visited many years ago. The creature, which his friends used to tease him with, is now the key to bringing forth the change of his life.

Tokio Kurohara, age 16, a second-year student at Tsuru High, is now unleashing his Full Beastification mode. It’s a sight that Ishida decides to show us in the next chapter.

Final Thoughts

Choujin X Chapter 6 was an action-packed teaser to Tokio’s next stage in life. The art was super clean as usual. Ishida is showering his love into this series. I can clearly see that.

I’m expecting this transformation to be similar to his form in Chapter 1. If you look closely at his hand, you’ll notice that they’re similar to when he wrecked Johnny Takeyama. But this time, it’s a more complete version of the form.

I think he’d find it difficult to control this new form. However, if Ely takes him to Hoshi, he will take Tokio under his wing and train him. I honestly believe this would be the natural thing to do. I’d do that if I were in his shoes. Or maybe Hoshi would drop in to interrupt the fight. Who knows…

Regarding the poison in Tokio’s body, I think he’d be alright once he transforms. According to Wikipedia, The hedgehog (Erinaceidae), the mongoose (Herpestidae), the honey badger (Mellivora capensis), the opossum, and a few other birds that feed on snakes, are known to be immune to a dose of snake venom. Vultures feed on snakes so… it’s a possibility that the poison could wear off.

Chapter 7 would drop in at any minute now. So we really don’t need to break our heads thinking about this for long.

So what do you think of Choujin X Chapter 6? Let me know in the comments below!

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