Buuhan/Super Buu Vs Kid Buu: Who Is Stronger?

The heated debate of Super Buu vs Kid Buu has been going on for over 20 years.

Buuhan vs Kid Buu

Kid Buu vs Super Buu. The mere mention of the subject causes an uproar in the fandom. Even on a relatively peaceful day, you can almost hear power scalers arguing about Super Buu vs Kid Buu somewhere in the known Universe.

It is a matchup heavily debated for over 20 years! Even today, fans still fiercely debate with one another on the internet as if it were a matter of national security.

You might think “Oh God! Another post about Kid Buu vs Super Buu. How’s this gonna be different?” Well, you won’t be disappointed!

Most importantly, I’ll be using the Manga as the basis for this discussion and will separately address statements in the Anime. But for the most part, Manga will take priority.

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the juicy stuff: Kid Buu Vs Super Buu!

WARNING: The following contains some spoilers from the Galactic Patrol arc of Dragon Ball Super. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Super Buu vs Kid Buu: Is Super Buu Stronger?

To be straightforward and concise, Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) is stronger than Kid Buu by a considerable margin.

Normally, when A fuses or absorbs B, B’s power is added to A’s. So the merged being gains power. But that’s not always the case. Goku speculated that fusing with Satan would actually weaken him.

Fusing with Satan would weaken Goku
DBZ Chapter 309

Also, when Goten and Trunks defused inside Buu, Goku remarked that Piccolo’s power and attributes weakened the pink monster.

Super Buu with just Piccolo's abilities slowed him down
DBZ Chapter 308

According to Daizenshuu 4, the act of Kid Buu absorbing the Dai-Kaioshin not only softened him up with also weakened him.

In other words, when you absorb or fuse with a person much weaker than you, the resulting being tends to be weak. However, when Buu absorbed Gotenks and later on Gohan, his power increased dramatically.

Goku admitted that he couldn’t compete with Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) told both Babidi and Fat Buu that a stronger warrior will appear to challenge them. So, SSJ3 Gotenks > SSJ3 Goku.

Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) > SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta
DBZ Chapter 312 – Goku, when talking about Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed), says he nor Vegeta can beat him

But the Daizenshuu claims that Goku and Vegeta possessed less than 1/100th of their full power while inside Buu. Of course, Buu is stronger!

When they come out, they’ll recover their full power. And Goku is comparing their complete strength to Buu’s, not their state at that time because he explicitly says, “he’ll kill us if we get out like this” (‘like this’ refers to their individual selves, not as a fused being).

We know that Ultimate Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks ~ Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) & Buutenks > Ultimate Gohan. It is confirmed by both feats and the El Manga Legendario de Dragon Ball Z, an official magazine released in Spain.

Ultimate Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks
DBZ Chapter 305 – Trunks admits that Ultimate Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks/Super Gotenks

After absorbing Gohan, Buu became stronger than ever, surpassing his previous Gotenks absorbed form.

Buuhan is the strongest Majin
DBZ Chapter 308

In a nutshell, Buuhan > Ultimate Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks >= Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) > SSJ3 Goku.

The fact that Goku felt obligated to fuse with someone (even Satan or Dende) to defeat Buuhan indicated that he couldn’t vanquish him with just SSJ3. He believed that fusion was the only option.

Kid Buu, on the other hand, was an unusual but single entity. And SSJ3 Goku fought harder than he’d had against Super Buu or Buuhan.

Since common sense says fusion with a strong person makes you stronger, we can conclude that Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu.

This is the simple version of the answer to the question. If you can stick around for a more elaborate one, continue reading.

Now, as Master Roshi pointed out to Goku in the T.O.P, brute strength isn’t everything.

Other attributes like speed, stamina, experience, knowledge, techniques, mental stability, and Ki control have to be considered. Let’s look at each of them in detail.


Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) couldn’t keep up with Gohan, so much so the latter described him as a slowpoke. However, after Buutenks was born, the hybrid Saiyan couldn’t even touch him.

Gohan starts off by punching and kicking the pink monster in the face. Buu had time to respond, but he was too sluggish.

Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) was too slow for Ultimate Gohan
Chapter 303

Buu screams angrily as he prepares to punch Gohan’s face but Gohan casually blocks and kicks him on the face again. This Buu failed to read his opponent.

Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) failed to read Gohan's moves

Buutenks, on the other hand, grips Gohan’s legs as the latter prepares to kick. Being unable to move his legs, Gohan hurdles a Ki blast towards Buu’s face, which Buu dodges again with ease. This Buu reads his opponent.

Buutenks, unlike his previous form, read Gohan's movements and dodges with ease
Chapter 306

It’s pretty clear that Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) is slower than Buutenks. By extending that logic, Buuhan must be faster than Buutenks.

Now, Kid Buu is far stronger than Fat Buu. That’s pretty obvious. BUT…

During their battle on the Kaioshin realm, Kid Buu did perform kinda sloppily in the speed department.

Yes, he was toying with Goku and dragging the fight out, but keep in mind that he despised his virtuous counterpart and fought him seriously. He charged angrily towards Fat Buu so he did mean business.

And Vegeta stated that Buu can get hurt when he’s fighting another Buu so, Kid Buu, despite being purely instinctual, faced mental hindrances when facing a version of himself.

Kid Buu was slower than his previous forms like Buutenks and Buuhan
Chapter 318 – Kid Buu didn’t dodge as smoothly as before

On the contrary, Super Buu or Buuhan would have dodged those attacks even if he was toying with Fat Buu. Sure he was getting bodied by Vegito, but at least he was fast enough to strike him with a transfiguration beam and turned him into a round delicious candy. Kid Buu, on the other hand, couldn’t hit SSJ3 Goku with the beam.

Buuhan managed to turn Vegito into chocolate but Kid Buu couldn't against Goku
Comparing Buuhan’s and Kid Buu’s attack speed

Vegito is so fast & skillful he ripped off Buu’s tentacle without even seeing him. If Buuhan can turn Vegito into a candy then he can do the same to Kid Buu.

Therefore, in the test of speed of Kid Buu Vs Super Buu, I think Super Buu would get the upper hand.


Both the Buus are insane when it comes to their durability. Super Buu can regenerate back to full strength even after half his body is destroyed while Kid Buu goes back to normal after blowing himself to bits along with the Earth.

However, I think Kid Buu will take home the trophy in this department. Here’s why:

Kid Buu is literally obliterated by SSJ3 Goku’s Kamehameha but his body comes back together with no repercussions. In fact, he sings and dances while both the Saiyans rack their brains. After witnessing the pink monster’s durability, Goku comments as follows:

Kid Buu seems to have an infinite amount of Ki
Chapter 316

When it comes to Super Buu, he takes time to regenerate himself, a tad bit longer than Kid Buu. Of course, Buuhan received harder blows from his opponent than Kid Buu however, Kid Buu didn’t even bother dodging Goku’s Kamehameha even though it was one heck of an explosion. But the little guy came out unscathed.

Buuhan, on the other hand, may have ended up with a bleeding mouth and a slew of scars if he was in Kid Buu’s place.

Furthermore, Vegito stated that Buu wouldn’t be able to regenerate if he’s disintegrated. Now, I’m not sure how he knew that unless he tried, but I suppose Toriyama is imparting a tit-bit through the character.

Buuhan cannot regenerate after being disintegrated
Chapter 310

The fact that Buu’s dotted expression is covered by an exclamation (or pointed) speech cloud after Vegito says it proved that what he said is true.

Super Buu’s regeneration speed probably is slower than Kid Buu. The latter can vaporize the former to prevent him from full restoration.

I think the potential delay is due to Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks being a part of Buuhan’s body. He wouldn’t know how to reconstruct their cells quickly.

Whereas Kid Buu knows every inch of his gummy-like body so regeneration for him would be a piece of cake.


Matching up Kid Buu Vs Super Buu in terms of experience is a hard task because they’re intrinsically the same person! It’s like asking who’s more experienced – King Piccolo or Kami. Yes, they are from different clans but they were essentially the same person. Both gained the experience the Nameless Namekian received equally.

A thing that sets Super Buu apart from his foe is his use of non-original techniques. He had Gohan’s abilities, but may not use them as well. Nothing official yet, but it’s possible.

In contrast, Kid Buu’s abilities are entirely his own so he’d have no trouble using his abilities to their full potential.

But this is just a minor discrepancy. So, therefore, I conclude that Kid Buu ties with Super Buu in the experience department.

Martial Arts Knowledge

According to Toriyama, Majin Buu was not actually created by Bibidi but existed since time immemorial. He cycled between rampages and long hibernation. During numerous iterations of this cycle, he absorbed the evil elements of mankind, becoming steadily more violent.

However, there’s no proof that Bibidi ever trained him. So he might have practiced on his own. He isn’t much of a martial artist but seems to be more of an agent of chaos who is only interested in fighting strong guys and causing destruction.

He’d fought against plenty of fighters since the Universe began so his experience would be off the charts. But when it comes to martial arts knowledge? I doubt it’d be much.

Kid Buu had nobody to teach him but on the other hand, Piccolo’s intelligence and strategizing abilities dominated Buu’s thinking capacity.

Both Gohan and Piccolo are masters of martial arts and have a plethora of strategies and skills at their disposal that are extremely valuable to Buuhan.

Therefore, in the martial arts column, Super Buu ranks higher.

Techniques & Abilities

Super Buu possesses not only Kid Buu’s techniques but also Gohan’s, Gotenks’, and Piccolo’s. Yes, Gotenks as well. He used the Super Ghost Kamikaze attack on Vegito. So yeah, he’s a fast learner. And this ability isn’t unique to Buuhan.

Buu learns his enemy's moves very quickly
DBZ Chapter 281 – Goku complements Fat Buu’s ability to copy his moves

Kid Buu is not excluded from the equation as well. He picked up Kibitokai’s Kai-Kai immediately after observing it in action.

Kid Buu learned Shin's Kai Kai instantly
Chapter 315

The question is how well he can employ the technique. Kid Buu, according to Goku, isn’t using the same kind of Kamehameha as him. and launches what he considers is the “real” one.

Chapter 316

“You fool! This is the real Kamehameha” is the translation of the above. VIZ provides a different flavor by saying “You dummy! The Kamehameha’s my move!”

This is coming from the person who copied the technique from his master. Well, it wasn’t as potent as Roshi’s when he first used it so I assume it’d be the case for Kid Buu as well.

On the other hand, I think Buuhan can wield it as well as Gohan and by extension, Kid Buu. Buuhan inherited the know-how from Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan. So all his borrowed techniques are probably as powerful as the original users.

Super Buu could entrap and hold Kid Buu in place with Gotenk’s Continuous Galactic Donuts attack.

So even if Kid Buu copies Buuhan’s moves mid-battle, the latter can block and unleash them in a better fashion, just like SSJ3 Goku’s Kamehameha.

Super Buu also has the upper hand on the number of techniques he possesses. But what he stands below his kid counterpart is his regeneration ability. This is already elaborated in the “stamina” section so, I don’t need to repeat myself again.

Otherwise, Super Buu is a few rugs higher than Kid Buu in the moves department but his own abilities aren’t as potent.


Kid Buu may not be the strongest Majin but is certainly the most dangerous. He destroyed the Earth without a second thought and could have destroyed the entire solar system if he didn’t sense Goku and Vegeta in the Kaioshin realm. I can only imagine what goes on in his mind.

But behind the chaotic mindset lies great observational skills. Buu is so sharp that he learns a technique as soon as he looks at it. He’s also able to identify how strong his opponent is and act accordingly. He either toys or goes for the kill instantly.

Kid Buu is a monster. A wild beast shows no mercy to his targets. Since his mind acts purely on instinct, you never know what he’s gonna do next…

However, one major downside is that he’s way too overconfident. He started snoozing while Goku and Vegeta figure out who’s gonna fight and dance around after regenerating.

Kid Buu sleeps as Goku and Vegeta play Rock-paper-scissors
Chapters 315 & 316

This overconfidence made him lose focus on the actual threat. Goku was charging up his Genki-Dama while Buu takes his sweet time beating the crap out of Good Buu and Vegeta. By the time he realized it, Goku was ready to launch the attack.

Kid Buu got distracted beating the crap out of Fat Buu and Vegeta
Chapter 322

Furthermore, Kid Buu felt stressed out confronting his noble counterpart. He doesn’t want another Buu to take his place so he felt insecure, I think. So when he battles a stronger Super Buu, he’ll probably feel more stressed out.

Super Buu has a more stable and logical mind than his child-like counterpart. He isn’t as dangerous as him, but when he feels the need to kill, he cracks. He became enraged when Vegito overpowered him and planned to murder him by any means.

Piccolo’s logic and strategic planning, combined with Gohan’s strength and versatility, allow Super Buu to meticulously assess his opponent and strike at crucial moments.

He can use Kid Buu’s overconfidence to his advantage by tricking him to act like he’s weak and striking when he’s off guard.

However, the longer the battle prolongs, the more irritated Buuhan would get. When that happens, he’d fail to do even simple tasks like tracking energy.

Vegito said that, if Buuhan were to calm down and track his energy rather than his movements, he would be able to keep up with him. So when he gets rattled, he’d lose his focus and that can cost him the fight.

Plus, it’ll take more time for him to regenerate than Kid Buu so if he wants to have an advantage, he needs to finish this quick, but he needs to catch him first. If Kid Buu wants to enjoy a good battle, he can drag the fight. And that’s what he did against Goku.

That is unless Kid Buu decides to blow up the planet before Buuhan does anything. In the battle of minds, it could go either way but I think Buuhan slightly has an edge over the sadistic child-like monster. If he manages to trick him, he can obliterate or turn him into chocolate.

Ki Control

I think both the Buus have similar capabilities of controlling their Ki. We’ve seen none of them screaming at the top of their voice to gas up unless it’s for an explosive wave or something.

They can easily manipulate Ki for various Ki blasts and tactics. Kid Buu’s energy level hardly drops but his attention, on the other hand, is sometimes erratic. I stated earlier how Kid Buu doesn’t notice the Genki-Dama until Satan threw a rock at his head, getting his attention.

Proper Ki Control involves a lot of concentration, training, and physical stamina. Buu seems to be a prodigy at controlling his energy with ease. However, Buuhan gets provoked very easily so he could be the first one to slowly lose Ki Control and ultimately run out if the battle prolongs indefinitely.

Kid Buu is naturally capable of doing things that Buuhan must strive hard to accomplish.

Raw Power

Series creator Akira Toriyama was once asked the question “What is Majin Buu’s power level?” and he answered thus:

The frightening thing about Majin Buu is his unknown, unfathomable power. Whether it’s actually not that much, or whether it’s really stupendous, Majin Buu himself probably doesn’t know the answer.

Through logic, one can deduce that if someone absorbs another, that person’s power gets added to that someone. The same holds true for Buu as well. The Daizenshuu 7 describes the absorption technique as follows:

A technique where you absorb particular beings, making them into your own power. The first person to use this technique was First-form Cell. At that time, Cell powered up by absorbing the life energy of Ginger Town’s citizens. In Cell’s case, he absorbs people’s energy through the needle-like portion at the end of his tail. On the other hand, Majin Buu (evil)’s absorption is completely different than Cell. As opposed to Cell, who only acquired the power of those he absorbed, Majin Buu (evil) was also able to acquire the techniques of those he absorbed. Majin Buu (evil) absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo, using in battle Piccolo’s brain, with its calm judgment, and Gotenks’ various powerful attacks. (Daizenshuu 4, p.62)

The Manga says the stolen energy adds to Majin Buu’s strength, making him stronger than before.

Buu's absorption ability adds the strength of the targets to his own

The Ki of Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks is added to Buu’s, thereby having raw power higher than Pure Buu’s.

In fact, Buuhan being physically stronger than Kid Buu is hinted at all over in the Manga. Buutenks states he’s the most powerful Majin of all time – past, present and future.

Buuhan later states he’s even more powerful than before with no time limit. And both of them are aware of the original pure form.

Buu (within Super Buu’s body) begs Vegeta not to remove Fat Buu’s cocoon. He stated that if the Prince took him off, he won’t be “him” anymore. So yeah, he knows.

The feats also tell the same story.

As soon as Vegito appeared, he felt the need to immediately turn Super Saiyan to overthrow Buuhan.

There was no time limit for the Potara (before Super added it) so the fused Saiyan could have started slow, toyed around for a while, and then gone Super Saiyan.

The Old Kai did tell Goku that SSJ shortens his lifespan so, he’d usually take it slow at the start of a fight, testing his and his opponent’s powers. But no, Vegito decided to jump the gun almost instantly.

The Daizenshuu 7 states that Vegito’s base form surpasses SSJ3 Goku:

Being a combination of two Saiyans, his appearance hasn’t changed all that much, and feels like a combination of Goku’s face and Vegeta’s hairstyle. He has both Vegeta’s coolheaded battle strategies and Goku’s pure fighting sense, and there can be no doubt that his strength measures even greater than that of a [Super] Saiyan 3. He is capable of transforming from his normal state into a Super Saiyan form.

SSJ3 Goku said he’d be able to beat the fat version of Buu but firmly told Vegeta that both of them wouldn’t stand a chance against Super Buu (Gohan absorbed).

The issue was, he was training with the form for years with his dead body. His mortal body couldn’t handle the overflowing Ki so he couldn’t charge up to 100%. Otherwise, he & Vegeta could have handled Buu. Maybe not a landslide victory but definitely give a run for his money.

But the Old Kai said a tag team of Goku and Gohan wouldn’t be able to defeat Buutenks. So, you can see the gap.

Piccolo states that Super Buu after absorbing the Fat Buu was stronger than Fat Buu in every attribute.

Super Buu (Good Buu absorbed) > Good Buu
DBZ Chapter 294

This seems to indicate that Buu does get stronger as he absorbs a number of stronger beings.

In short, Buuhan > Buutenks > Ultimate Gohan >= Kid Buu > SSJ3 Gotenks >= Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) > SSJ3 Goku (full powered) > Fat Buu > SSJ2 Vegeta.

A lot of the evidence for this comes from the El Manga Legendario de Dragon Ball Z where it explicitly states the following:

  • Kid Buu is the most violent Majin but not as strong as his other forms
  • Gotenks and Gohan would have been enough to defeat him

Hence, with all things considered, Super Buu can defeat Kid Buu in a one-on-one.

Now that we discussed the attributes in detail, let’s analyze the statements from the authors, staff members, guidebooks, and supplementary material.

Commenting on the statements by the Authors and guidebooks

Now there are statements from the anime and Manga as well as other sources which apparently go against the notion that Buuhan is stronger than Kid Buu or contradict anything that I’ve said so far.

But, let me remind you beforehand that statements from the Manga hold the highest authority for obvious reasons. With that said, let’s take a look!

DBS Manga stating that Majin Buu is the mightiest of all time

Buu at the end of the arc is stated to be the mightiest enemy
DBS Chapter 1

The narrator doesn’t specify which Majin Buu he is talking about. If you’re saying that “he’s referring to Kid Buu annihilating the Earth along with its inhabitants”, the answer’s no because it was Super Buu (Fat Buu absorbed) who brought them to the brink of extinction.

Most likely he’s talking about Buu in general compared to previous enemies like Cell or Frieza. So there’s no proof that this specifically refers to Kid Buu.

Plus, Buu isn’t the mightiest enemy of ALL TIME. Zamasu be like “Am I a joke to you?”

The Anime states that Kid Buu is the strongest Buu

One of the most popular arguments of Kid Buu apologists is the Anime stating that Kid Buu is the most powerful of all the Buus multiple times. Some examples are given below:

Dragon Ball Z Anime states Kid Buu to be the strongest Buu
Dragon Book Z Vol 7 (supplementary material to the Anime) states that Kid possess the greatest strength
Scan from the Dragon Box collection booklet

My stance on the matter is, the Anime, though being a decent adaptation of the Manga, is not 100% reliable when it comes to Toriyama’s real vision.

Toriyama has stated multiple times that he left the Anime staff to handle the project. The Manga has higher authority on the subject matter and not even once was there a direct statement like this.

Plus, Toriyama views the Anime and Manga as different things.

In fact, Takao Koyama, the producer and Show runner of the DBZ Anime stated that the Majin Buu who absorbed Ultimate Gohan is the strongest Buu.

This is the complete opposite of what he approved to be in the Anime! Of course, Koyama worked on the Anime many years ago so he could have easily forgotten things.

That’s why it’s always better to refer to the Original Manga than the adaptations.

The 2nd image is from the Dragon Box collection, a series of large and elaborate DVD box sets, containing a certain portion of episodes from one of the Dragon Ball series anime. So again, it’s pertaining to the Anime and not the Manga.

Toriyama apparently hints at Majin Buu being the strongest in his final form

Series creator Akira Toriyama was once asked if he liked to portray the smallest and youngest looking to be the strongest to appeal to the kids. The interview used “young Goku”, “Frieza, and Majin Buu in their final forms” as examples. And Toriyama responds by saying he wanted to go against the conventional idea that the strong ones always get stronger and bigger.

So did Toriyama indirectly agree to the interviewer’s idea that Kid Buu is the strongest amongst the Buus?

Not really. Toriyama did not explicitly state here that he agrees with the interviewer’s examples. He just remarked that he tried to switch between telling a straightforward story and an unconventional one.

Also, young Goku isn’t the strongest of all the Gokus, so to speak. He clearly got stronger as he got older and bigger so the example used by the interviewer is actually wrong. Plus, Frieza in his 1st form is actually smaller than his final form. So the notion of “smaller is always stronger” is incorrect.

But the Kid Buu apologists counter-argue by saying “No! Toriyama himself said that Majin Buu gets stronger and stronger as he transforms! A direct confirmation from the creator himself!”

What they’re referring to is Toriyama’s comment on Dragon Ball Kai’s running of the Majin Buu arc which goes as follows:

The final opponent of Dragon Ball‘s weekly serialization is Majin Boo. He’s round! He’s formidable! And, he’s tenacious! It’s a string of battles intense enough for even me, the person writing the comic, to get sick of, and which, now that I’m an old man, I can never draw again. Gohan’s funny everyday life in the first half, and the fierce back-and-forth battles of the second half. Check out both sides, which keep transforming to become stronger and stronger, and the Genki-Dama at the end.

Have I finally met my match?

I’m afraid that’s not the case.

Toriyama is referring to the Anime release and not the original Manga. Dragon Ball Kai aired the Majin Buu arc from 2014, which gives plenty of time for Toriyama to forget what he’d written many years ago. He would have probably asked the Anime staff to draft the comment for him and later approved it without thinking too much. So again, the Manga’s words reign supreme.

El Manga Legendario says Goku and Vegeta face an increasingly powerful Buu

El Manga Legendario says Goku and co. face an increasingly powerful Buu

The rough translation goes as follows:

A few years after the Cell Game, the magician Babidí manages to resurrect Buu, the most powerful demon in history. All the Super Saiyans, family and friends of Goku and Vegeta confront an increasingly powerful Buu. The last duel will be between Son Goku and a Buu who embodies pure evil!

In the Manga, Goku states that Kid Buu’s power never drops or knows no bound. It’s natural for enemies to get stronger the more they fight. The same principles apply to our main characters.

What the above-mentioned scan means is that Buu’s power increases the more he absorbs and fights. His potential is practically limitless. It does not mean that Buu’s power reached its peak with Kid Buu.

In fact, the material describes the Buu which Goku and the others faced and the Buu in the climactic battle in two separate sentences, differentiating between the two classes of Buus.

This reasoning also reconciles El Manga’s earlier statement of Kid Buu being the most violent Majin but not as strong. So once again, no dice for the Kid Buu apologists.

V-Jump describes Buuhan as “on par” with SSJ3 Goku

This particular supplement sparked quite a stir. The V-Jump magazine published a scan in December 2018 claiming that, after absorbing Ultimate Gohan, Super Buu gained power on par with SSJ3 Goku.

The wording of this statement is crucial. To my mind, it means that the additional power which Buu gained after absorbing Gohan is on par with SSJ3 Goku.

In other words, Super Buu (Piccolo, Fat Buu, Goten, and Trunks absorbed) + SSJ3 Goku’s power equivalent = Buuhan.

Now, I could be totally wrong and what the scan actually means is Buuhan = SSJ3. But that directly contradicts the Manga.

Goku insists on Vegeta fusing with him to defeat Buuhan. If SSJ3 was actually on the same level as Buuhan, then the Goku and Vegeta tag team could have wiped floors with him.

In fact, Goku only considered not requiring fusion when Buu’s power dwindled, manifesting Piccolo’s cape after Gotenks’ time ran out.

It’s really obvious that Buuhan surpassed SSJ3 Goku by a wide margin. Even a casual fan would be able to point that out.

Vegeta ranks Goku #1 after the Buu arc

Vegeta says Goku became #1 after defeating Buu
DBS Episode 2

In addition, the title of Episode 286 in Dragon Ball Z is actually called: “Goku is the strongest after all!!”

Goku is the strongest after defeating Buu, according to the title of a DBZ Episode

First of all, both of these are Anime only statements. Second, Vegeta is referring to a Goku in Age 778, the year when Beerus came to Earth. At that time, Gohan didn’t train so hard so Goku is definitely stronger than his son in “Battle of Gods”.

Dragon Ball Super states Kid Buu has God Ki

Merus, the Angel in Trainee, believes that when Kid Buu spit out Good Buu, the God Ki may have gone to Kid Buu instead of Good Buu.

Kid Buu got hold of the Grand Supreme Kai's God Ki after the split
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 49

So does this mean Kid Buu was using God Ki against Goku and Vegeta? I don’t think so.

For mortals, there are three important aspects in awakening God Ki and stabilizing it:

  • Tremendous physical stamina to withstand attacks of the G.O.Ds (God of Destruction)
  • High level of thought control
  • All this under the supervised training of a Divine being like an Angel or a G.O.D.

Kid Buu does not meet the 2nd and 3rd conditions. I don’t think he realized he had God Ki at his disposal and remained dormant until the Moro arc when his reincarnated version transmitted God Ki to Goku.

Dragon Ball Forever goes back and forth with opposite remarks

Published by Shueisha on April 30, 2004, Dragon Ball Forever is an official Kanzenban handbook. With existing as well as fresh information not included in the original Daizenshuu, this guide covers the Manga series in depth.

In connection to Kid Buu vs Super Buu, the guide has 3 important statements, which kinda seem to go against each other at first glance:

  • Vegito will not let the mightiest Majin lay a finger on him
  • Buu was weakened by having his absorptions undone
  • Describes Kid Buu as powered up
  • Goku has the “highest respect towards the strongest enemy!”

Ugh! Why do they have to confuse the readers like this? Such a roundabout way!

Anyway, the following is one way to reconcile this:

The mightiest Majin literally means the strongest devil, which includes any “devil” to that point. Kid Buu did appear prior to Buuhan many eons ago so it includes him as well.

“But Toriyama did not plan to create Kid Buu during Buuhan vs Vegito”

Even if that’s the case, he’d usually create a loose setting so that it wouldn’t outright contradict what’s gonna happen later on.

Also, the 4th statement means Goku has the highest respect towards the strongest individual enemy. The Saiyan wanted to fight as an individual since Buu’s on his own too.

And when he was just about to finish him off, he appreciate Buu for fighting hard all by himself. So he respected him as an individual opponent and did not refer to the fused version.


Kid Buu Vs Super Buu is a hot topic that has been going on for over 20 years and still continues today. So I thought “Let’s settle this once and for all by giving a thesis. The fans will appreciate that right? RIGHT?”

Hears angry power scalers approaching my home. Proceeds to lock the door and hold on to dear life.

Super Buu [Gohan Absorbed] overpowers Kid Buu based on speed, martial arts knowledge, techniques, psyche, and raw power (thereby having the upper hand on the majority of the attributes mentioned).

Both these monsters are the strongest antagonists in Dragon Ball Z without a doubt. Super Buu may be the strongest but Kid Buu is the most dangerous.

He’s so unpredictable that you’ll never know what’s going on in his mind. He’ll either desire to annihilate the universe or have a long nap.

He also desires to fight strong warriors, thereby teleporting to Goku and Vegeta’s location. Goku took a risky decision by fighting without the Potara. If it wasn’t for the Genki-Dama, the Universe would be in a very different state.

Buuhan, on the other hand, could only be handled by Super Vegito. Piccolo’s intelligence and Gohan’s strength along with Buu’s durability would have been too much for the Super Saiyan 3. The original Manga is very clear in that regard.

In regards to Dragon Ball Super, Good Buu in the Galactic Patrol arc is the strongest Buu. The ability to switch between the Dai-Kaioshin along with his memories unlocked raised him to a level that left Goku and Merus gobsmacked. The Saiyan from Earth told that Buu has gotten so strong he could barely recognize him.

I wonder if Uub could harness the power of God Ki and become the strongest of the Earth’s defense force someday. Goku’s know-how of God Ki can make him achieve that dream…

What do think? Is Super Buu really stronger than Kid Buu as explained? Let us know in the comments below!

  • although I agree that buuhan and buutenks are stronger than kid buu, I disagree on you claiming gohan and gotenks are stronger than goku as the daizenshuu stated that after defeated kid buu goku is the strongest character, meaning he got a zenkai between him fighting super buu and kid buu. meaning kid buu > goku >= gohan > gotenks by the time goku fights kid buu.
    So my scale is Buuhan > buff buu (as we see goku says “at this rate he’ll be stronger than before!” when super huu ia turning into buff buu) => buutenks > kid buu > super buu > majin buu > grey buu > mr buu
    now adding the Z fighters to this scale:
    buuhan > buff buu > buutenks > kid buu > goku >= gohan > gotenks >= super buu > majin buu > grey buu > vegeta post zenkai > mr buu

    • Mentioned in the Daizenshuu? Proof please

      Also, Goku would have certainly closed the gap between him and Gohan towards the end. However, I still doubt he’d been stronger

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