Black Clover Manga: Who Could The Devil Be In Chapter 273?

Licht's demon in Black Clover

Chapter 273 of the Black Clover manga was an exciting chapter. It was a preface to the Clover Kingdom’s upcoming counterattack and rescue of William and Yami. The chapter took us to the Spade Kingdom where Dante is recovering with the help of Morris’s magic. It was no surprise that Dante would have not just returned, but returned stronger after being defeated by Asta & Yami.

Just as we were about to arrive at an approximate estimation of how powerful the Dark Triad and their forces were, Tabata-sensei threw us another mind-boggling mystery.

Now, just who is the demon being kept/prepared in the Dark Triad’s lair?! And what even is its purpose?

The Demon

Just by a look, Lotus and even all of us could tell that this entity is no good news. The situation over at the Spade Kingdom is increasingly going downhill (or uphill for the Dark Triad LOL, okay sorry my jokes are bad). The anxiety surrounding the survival/safety of Yami and William is increasing too, especially because there is a chance that even Nacht doesn’t know what trouble is brewing (literally, OKAY I know, another bad joke) for them.

273 Demon

However, the more you look at the image of the demon, the closer it seems to another demon we are all too familiar with (brain plays Ningen-wa…). The demon’s visage is structured eerily similar to the first Wizard King’s trophy/nightmare. Can we all agree that the similarity of this Spade demon is way too much to be a coincidence? Yep, I am talking about Licht’s demon from hundreds of years ago.

Can this demon be Licht’s demon?

We know that in the fierce conflict between elves and humans, the leader of the elves, Licht attracted a huge amount of negative mana. Since he couldn’t revert back to his original state, he concentrated his magic into turning into a demon. The first Wizard King, Lumiere, then killed this demon.

Licht as a demon

So is it possible for anyone with Forbidden Magic to turn into a demon with overflowing mana and a heightened destructive power? The Spade Kingdom already has a lot of Devil Magic to spare, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried worse tricks than they are already pulling.

Is this some sort of revival of Licht’s demon? Although it is highly unlikely that this is the case. Licht was the demon himself, and his soul has long departed after the Reincarnation Arc. And we also know that Licht’s demon currently looks like this:

Licht Demon Skull

Doesn’t seem convincing enough to be the cause of another rampage, does it? But another doubt that lingers in my mind is that Licht was an elf, and we know that the descendants of Licht and Tetia are surviving. This leads to the following possibility.

Is there an involvement of an elf?

Did Megicula’s people somehow threaten or convince another half-elf to join the Spade Kingdom’s force? Quite possible. At this point, literally anything is possible with the Spade Kingdom. The elf might have been forced through despair, or just forced by Megicula, to gather negative mana and turn into a demon. If that is the case, the elf tribe will play an important role in the upcoming battle again. I say so because even Lumiere barely made it past Licht’s attacks as the demon. With the Clover Kingdom mages preoccupied with the Dark Triad, if an elf demon is let loose, only the elves can counter it.

Another race?

Another theory might be that there is another race of demons existing in the Black Clover universe. Aside from humans, devils, spirits, and elves, it is possible that demons exist too. If so, where and how do they exist? What is their role in the Spade Kingdom? Is it that the demon is playing a role in the emergence of the Tree of Qliphoth? This could be really, really bad news.

Devil’s doing

The last guess is that this is all Megicula’s doing. It makes sense too since the demon looks like it is lifeless now as if waiting for a soul to take over. Déjà vu, much? The Reincarnation magic used on the Elves also had a similar pattern. Is Megicula planning to take over that body, or make some other devils take over? There is a big chance that Megicula will abandon humans of the Spade Kingdom once the Tree of Qliphoth is completed. In that case, the real enemy is Megicula, not even the Dark Triad (alright their crimes can’t be forgiven I agree).

Put on your thinking caps and tell us what you think! Do you agree with this speculation, or you have an entirely new one? Read the manga’s latest chapters on Viz if you think you missed something!

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