Attack On Titan Chapter 133: Is Eren’s Death Imminent?

Eren has no doubt stolen the spotlight in Attack on Titan Chapter 133. The reason? The chapter just made his future very bleak. Hange Zoe’s death, though kinda forced, had hit me hard. And if another character (read Annie, Jean or Pieck) were to bite the dust in this chapter, it would have been too much to take. Thankfully Isayama decided to spare us all the agony. But he does go ahead and plant some serious death flags for our protagonist turned antagonist Eren Yeager.

The members of the alliance were trying to chalk up a plan to stop the rumbling, floating ideas that wouldn’t involve killing Eren right off the bat. Armin was keeping the option of talking some sense into Eren open. Levi was particularly attracted to the option of killing Zeke. 

Armin and Reiner even wonder if Eren meant to leave them alone because he wished to be stopped by his friends. While I am an ardent reader of the manga, even I missed the point about how Eren had not taken away the alliance’s titan powers. This still gave them a chance to stand their ground and fight. However, amidst this discussion, they are all summoned to the paths by Eren. And here he takes away the option of having a talk from the table.

At the paths, the alliance calls Eren out and tries to reason with him. They pleaded him to stop the mindless genocide saying that Paradis’ future is secure. You don’t want to miss out on Levi’s dialogue to Eren here!! But instead of giving in to their pleas, he gives Armin and the others one option. Kill him and put an end to the rumbling that threatens the whole of humanity.

“The only way to stop me is by ending my life. You are free to do so.“

Eren Yeager

I can totally relate to Eren’s thought process here. He had decided to keep moving forward on the path he chose. It is not that he did not feel any guilt. Instead, he is torn apart inside his mind, as he witnessed the massacre carried out by the colossal titans at his behest. But for Eren, the freedom of Paradis Island comes before anything else. He did not want to stop the rumbling and risk gambling the island’s future.

Eren admits that he has taken the freedom of the world, for his own freedom. According to him, there was only one option remaining. Move forward and fight. And if the alliance wished to stop the rumbling, that’s what they’ll have to do. Fight Eren and defeat him. As they came to acknowledge this grisly reality they had returned to the flying ship from the paths. 

eren and ymir chapter 133

Whatever slim chances Attack on Titan had in pulling off a Code Geass like ending were completely wiped out in chapter 133. The only plausible options for the ending are now a Time Loop or a genocide ending (similar to Evangelion). But Isayama might easily pull off something even better, like the foreshadowing he did for the beast titan in this chapter.

Not just that, the revelation about Falco’s flying titan powers and Marley making a last-ditch effort to stop the colossal titans by getting ready to bomb them out of existence shows that things are going to get pretty messy out there. While we don’t know what decision Armin might end up making, at this stage, it seems impossible to avoid confrontation. Knowing that their near and dear ones are alive would only give Reiner, Pieck and Annie a concrete reason to fight. Some of them might even end up laying down their lives to protect the surviving members from Liberio.

After a couple of low key chapters, Attack on Titan manga has picked up steam once again. A major war is about to break out and Eren’s life itself is at stake. Things are surely bound to get darker from here on.

If the alliance decides to fight Eren, they wouldn’t engage the colossal titans. Instead, they would aim straight for the founding titan. Stopping Eren or even Zeke, whose royal blood played an important part in helping Eren activate the rumbling, should stop the rumbling too. But considering the deal between Eren and Ymir, it is possible that stopping Zeke would be a futile attempt at ending the rumbling. 

Do you think Eren will die in Attack on Titan? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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