Ao Ashi & Blue Lock Authors Reveal New Illustrations Following Japan’s Loss

Japan losing against Croatia

Japan were labelled the giant killers of the FIFA World Cup 2022 currently taking place in Qatar, after they managed to defeat Germany and Spain in the group stages. After each of these victories, Blue Lock and other soccer manga trended on social media platforms, and their authors released an illustration to celebrate their nation’s victory.

However, Japan’s run was cut short by Croatia in the round of 16, who managed to defeat them in a penalty shootout. It surely might have been in a kick in the teeth for not just the players, but also the supporters who had put their weight behind the team.

In the face of this loss, Aoashi author Yugo Kobayashi and Blue Lock illustrator Yusuke Nomura, both revealed illustration asking the team and the fans to keep carrying on.

Yugo Kobayashi’s illustration:

Japan loosing against Croatia

Yusuke Nomura’s illustration, thanking the Japanese Football Team for their performance at the World Cup 2022:

Japan loosing against Croatia

After Japan’s initial success, fans had started claiming that Blue Lock is real. But the loss says otherwise.

Muneyuki Kaneshiro, who is in charge of writing the story for Blue Lock manga, had suggested that Japan’s main hurdle was a lack of egoists. The loss in penalty shootouts seems to have reaffirmed his statements.

Source: Twitter

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