Top 15 Cute Romance Anime Of All Time That Are Too Sweet!

Cute Romance Anime

Romance Anime is an utterly popular genre. These anime have the ability to give us butterflies, make us swoon, and have us sympathize with the characters. Even within the romance anime genre, the aspect can take many different routes of going about it.

Some are serious, some playful, others more for a mature audience, and some are deeply emotional. Today we wanna look at the best of cute romance anime. Anime itself is an art, but putting the cutest character designs, story, and ‘fuwa-fuwa’ moments hits big points in this subgenre.

Best cute romance anime for you to watch:

Cute Romance Anime

So without any ado, let’s take a look at the best cute romance anime out there that will make you go all “fuwa-fuwa”.

15. Love Is Like A Cocktail

Love Is Like A Cocktail

Chisato Mizusawa is a short and spunky blonde, and a very cool and collected employee at her workplace. A new side of her personality is unlocked when she meets the bartender Sora and they fall in love and get married.

At work, she is a capable worker and leader carrying herself maturely, but at home, especially after consuming the alcohol her husband gives her, she turns into a goofy, friendly, fun-loving girl.

It is very sweet that she keeps a special side that is just reserved for her husband. It kind of goes to show that she is comfortable enough to show that immature side, which is usually associated with love and affection. While drunk, she begins to get very romantic with Sora but also acts childish, pokes fun at him, teases him, gets touchy and affectionate, and so on.

The romance is in no way deep but the character, voice, and scenes are cute and funny as well. The plot of each episode is almost similar with only her actions and the alcohol differing and is a very short watch. It is a feel-good and relaxed type of cute romance anime.

14. Engaged To The Unidentified

Engaged To The Unidentified

We follow protagonist Kobeni Yonomori as she has a shocking revelation on her 16th birthday: her late grandfather had betrothed Kobeni to a boy named Hakuya Mitsumine. Hence, Hakuya and Mashiro, his little sister, move in with Kobeni, her mother, and her older sister, Benio.

Over time Kobeni has flashbacks to her childhood and realizes she knew Hakuya back then when he saved her after she fell from a cliff. But even then many parts of their past seem shrouded in mystery.

Engaged to the Unidentified is an easy-going cute romance anime with adorable characters, a steady plot, and a smooth animation with gentle colours and music. In terms of their romance, there is not much conflict that the couple has to overcome other than the fact that they are fairly new to each other and must learn to live in close quarters.

Kobeni is shy with Hakuya and he is gentle and affectionate toward her but a little slow to perceive things. The character Mashiro, Hakuya’s little sister, seems to be more of a focus in almost every episode as she runs around with a sweet smile and funky personality, always keeping the mood light-hearted and fun.

Kobeni and Hakuya slowly develop their feeling for each other and their relationship day by day as they come to understand each other. They are a very endearing couple and share many moments where Hakuya makes Kobeni blush by rubbing her head or poking her cheeks.

This would be more of a rom-com-style watch.

13. The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

Amane Fujimiya is a laid-back guy who prefers to spend time in the backdrop of social situations and is mostly ignored. He lives alone in an unkempt apartment and usually eats processed food to get by. His next-door neighbour, Mahiru Shiina, is quite the opposite.

A very pretty girl, top-of-the-class valedictorian, a competitive athlete, and overall one of the most popular girls at school. Despite this externally perfect life, she has low energy and happiness, as discovered by Amane when he finds her sitting gloomily all alone in heavy rain.

Amane lends her his umbrella and she is very grateful. When Amane catches a cold the next day, Shiina feels compelled to go over and care for him till he is better.

While there she finds out that he is living in an untidy apartment and eating low-budget meals, prompting her to start caring for him henceforth.

The storyline is pretty linear but the animation deserves kudos, it is so pleasing to see. The characters are well-designed and suit their personality, and also fit in well for the cute romance anime aspect. Shiina shows her affection in a very charming and shy way, making food for him and such.

She begins to feel attracted to Amane but he doesn’t realize this. Their bonding goes at a nice pace and is heartwarming to watch as they grow closer. Amane buys her small trinkets to reciprocate his affection for her.

Their close interactions usually leave Shiina blushing over Amane. A really good watch for the relationship’s cute romance moments.

12. Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible

Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible

High school student Junta Shiraishi is an average guy. Average grades, not particularly good-looking or great at sports. This puts him in the backdrop and goes unnoticed, hence the term ‘invisible’. He claims his main goal is to enjoy youth but he doesn’t initiate any interactions whatsoever.

He is overlooked by everyone except for one- Nagisa Kubo. She is a very sweet-looking girl with a knack for antics, especially regarding Kubo, whom she wants to socialize with others and herself.

In terms of the trope, it is different from typical romance anime as we don’t have an ‘all-star’ male MC, though the female lead is. Despite this fact, the two are paired up. There are abundant ‘fuwa-fuwa’ moments between the shy personality of Shiraishi as he is calm and hesitant but Kubo is slightly notorious and sweet at the same time, not to mention her adorable pout.

The development of the characters isn’t there, you can watch it for the ‘feel-good’ social girl meets shy guy romance and the humor.

11. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

This cute romance anime tells the unlikely story of the love between Kaoru, the hard-working corporate professional, and her husband Hajime Tsunashi, an extreme otaku who reviews nerdy content and blogs.

Their everyday life is not like the typical couple due to differing personalities, interests, and other stranger side characters like Hajime’s brother.

If you want to understand what life is like after a marriage takes place, this anime gives a decent insight, especially when two unrelated personalities meet. Hajime is kind of a cynical, nerdy guy who spends his time locked inside and Kaoru is hardworking but has a tendency to smoke and drink excessively and get emotional.

We see that not every day is sunshine and rainbows in married life, even when it is someone you love deeply. Despite their peculiarities, we see how the couple has learned and is continuing to learn to help each other with their problems.

Whether it is cheering each other up or understanding why they are a certain way, this anime sure takes a deeper look into a more mature, caring love. Though there is some humour (slightly inappropriate) sprinkled here and there.

10. Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai

Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai

Raidou Matsuboshi is a sulky, dull-faced guy who is beginning his high school years. He has his mind set on one making goal, to make friends. This has proved no easy task as he doesn’t have the friendliest or most welcoming of faces, not to mention he overthinks things to the point of not taking action.

Sitting next to him in class is the very short, cute, and timid Reina. She also has a similar goal as him, but is very awkward with interactions and sometimes isn’t aware of personal space with others. The story follows these two as they become friends and learn how to be less socially awkward.

This is one of the best cute romance anime in my opinion. The characters Raidou and Reina are so adorable together and very realistically written. They don’t follow some typical script of being fantasy characters but instead portray traits associated with real, everyday people. In this way, they are both relatable.

To see them go from being socially awkward individuals to being socially awkward together is very wholesome and funny as well. From spending time at the park to arcades, from being friends to taking a romantic interest, Raido and Reina are the tall guy-short girl couple we all need.

She is very shy especially when she decides to make a move and kiss him, and even runs away after doing so. It is comical yet light-heartedly romantic. This cute romance anime has more character development than a strong plot but is sensible in how people are portrayed.

9. Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki Miniwa and Io Otonashi are best friends who begin to fall in love, though neither dares to admit it. Tsumiki is a long-haired peppy, headstrong girl, but is shy in front of Io, who is a bespectacled, taller, calm guy.

Their whole friend group seems to be aware of the fact and openly tease the pair, push them together, and encourage them to date. The ultimate question is will the pair fully and openly confess their feeling and end up together? or will they stay in their current state?

Another common trope of friends turning into lovers. There isn’t any external conflict for them, mostly just that they need to overcome their different ways of thinking and muster up some courage. Tsumiki tends to always try to have a cute, heartwarming scene with him that puts her in a constant state of blushing and wiggling her cat-like ears.

Otonashi is also very fond of her and finds her charms amusing, but is very oblivious to her feelings or attempts of romance, like when she tries to hug him. Io winning her a toy at the fair, them taking pictures in a booth where she is too short, or her friends pushing her towards him and hyping them up are a few of the scenes that make it a relaxing watch.

The color of this cute romance anime is soft and the romantic scenes are funny and good-natured, featuring a shy young love.

8. Snow White With Red Hair

Snow White With Red Hair

Shirayuki (meaning ‘Snow White’) is a pretty, red-haired herbalist who owns her apothecary shop in the kingdom of Tanbarun. She is well-liked by all and stands out in a crowd thanks to her red hair. Getting attention takes a bad turn when she is noticed by Prince Raji, who likes her and wants her to become his concubine.

Due to his relentlessness, Shirayuki decides to leave town and escape. In the forest, she meets Zen Wistalia, who helps her escape Raji and she ends up in his kingdom, where he happens to be the second prince. She takes up a job as the palace herbalist and begins a new life there.

You might have guessed by now that the ultimate romance will be between Shirayuki and Zen. However, there is a lot of buildup to it and doesn’t happen immediately. Their personalities are a combo to swoon over as it is a brave, charming prince who over time falls for a sweet, strong-hearted herbalist.

Raji attempts to get her back and she is temporarily kidnapped by a man wishing to sell her, but is rescued by Zen both times. She begins to see his warrior side as well as his caring side as they spend time together and she advises and supports him as he learns his duties.

At one point Zen becomes overcome by her beauty and steals a kiss, leaving her breathless and and red in the cheeks. He asks her if she feels the same way and she gives a slight nod, and they become shy and lovey-dovey after that, this is noticed by all those around them.

Ultimately they end up together and move onto what seems like a happily ever after.

The animation is solid, with less character development as individuals but their relationship grows. Unlike others on this list, this cute romance anime has more action and adventure, not to mention it takes place in a more medieval period.

7. Teasing Master Takagi San

Teasing Master Takagi San

Nishikata is a kind-hearted middle schooler. His best friend, Takagi, knows almost everything about him and they share many details of their lives. But this comes at a cost as Takagi uses these details to always anticipate Nishikata’s thoughts and moves as a tool to prank him, set up traps for him, and overall just not give him any peace of mind.

Nishikata makes it his sole mission to one day embarrass Takagi to a point where all her pranks on him won’t matter. However, with her skill and wit, it seems nearly impossible.

Nishikata and Takagi are caught in a constant state of tit-for-tat pranks and setups as they try to outsmart each other. One could say these are external manifestations of their feelings for each other which they haven’t come to realize yet.

Even with Takagi’s pranks, they always serve as some sort of lesson for Nishikata to learn from, making him more mature. Nishikata’s fury shows in a cute way as well along with his frustration to Takagi’s antics, which gives her immense pleasure.

She is very amused and more than happy to make him uncomfortable but also likes him to learn and grow. It is in no way any complicated plot, but the pranks are very elaborate with twists. The interactions of the central couple are funny and entertaining to watch. Over time the duo begin to wonder what their actual feelings are toward one another.

The animation is aimed more at a cartoonish look, with big round heads and puppy dog eyes.

6. Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

The life of Tamahiko Shima, a member of the wealthy and reputed Shima family, is turned upside down when he meets with an accident losing both an arm and his mother.

His father no longer considers him a plausible heir to their big-shot family and hence to keep up their pride and appearance as well, he is banished to the Chiba mountains to live out his days.

One day he hears a knock on the door and opens it to find Yuzuki Tachibana, a bright-eyed girl who was sent by his family to be his aide and later, his bride.

The love story of this cute romance anime leans more toward a deeper side of things. While in isolation, Tamahiko had grown very pessimistic and cynical, after losing all purpose in life. This is when Yuzuki shows up, so full of hopes and dreams.

Her upbeat attitude initially drives him crazy due to his circumstances, but over time she works her way into his heart. Yuzuki begins to feel a strong love towards Tamahiko as she cares and attends to him, seeing that there is a more sensitive and caring person under the surface.

The fact that she had the patience to do so, while also bringing joy and some life into his isolated home makes Tamahiko fall in love with her as well.

More than specific cute moments, it is the story of them learning about each other and strengthening their love to the point that Tamahiko rejects his family’s offer to be the heir again so he can be with Yuzuki, that resonates with and moves the audience.

5. Momokuri


Second-year high schooler Yuki Kurihara is obsessed with her cute junior, first-year student Shinya Momotsuki (dubbed “momo”). Shinya is new to the dating scene and has no experience whatsoever, so he reluctantly agrees to go out with Yuki.

He only aims to please her and his friends. Yuki seems lady-like at first but Shinya finds out more about her odd eccentric habits as they progress in their romantic life.

Shinya eventually discovers that Yuki has a habit of photographing him without his knowledge and has been doing it for some time now. She also seems to know most of his everyday habits, likes, and dislikes but following him and observing his actions.

Now there are two ways we could go about this, call this cute because she is cute and sweet, or just label the habit as straight-up stalking, which is exactly what it is! The pair do make an adorable couple, the older mature lady and the younger shy guy.

Shinya is thrown off by her addition but accepts her for he peculiarities as it seems to stem from a deep affection for him. There is not much story buildup here, you can watch it for the casual stalker romance, some funny scenes, decent music, and animation.

4. Tonikaku Kawaii

Tonikaku Kawaii

In his quest to be remembered for great things as a way of compensating for being bullied in his childhood, Nasa Yuzaki completes an important milestone when he places first in the national prep exams.

On his way back, his focused mind is distracted by a passing beauty, so much so that he starts moving toward her, unaware of oncoming traffic.

Tragically he is hit but barely makes it through thanks to the girl assisting him till the ambulance arrives. Unable to let her walk away, he stumbles behind her and confesses his feelings. To his surprise, she seems impressed by his perseverance and agrees to be him on the sole condition that he marries her.

He agrees but passes out consequently. Upon waking him he frantically searches for her but days turn to years and she is not found until one day, the pretty girl herself, Tsukasa, shows up at his doorstep.

We categorize this in the cute romance anime subgenre due to the overall premise itself. Though there are many heartwarming moments between the two in their married life, just the premise of young love at first sight, two bright-eyed sweethearts having a fateful encounter is the main romance aspect.

If you’re looking for deeper relationship building, then this might not be for you, but for the casual viewer who just wants the gooey love fluff and easy-on-the-eyes series, this is a special one.

3. Ore Monogatari

Ore Monogatari

Takeo Gouda is a big muscular high schooler and an awkward one due to his stature that towers above others his age. He is not particularly handsome and women are thrown off by this and his large, intimidating figure. The guys usually look up to him as he is courageous and a soft person.

His childhood best friend Makoto Sunakawa on the other hand is a clever, handsome, and charming youngster who never fails to get attention. Almost every girl Takeo likes ends up falling for Makoto, but he rejects them and holds his friendship strong with Takeo.

On a train ride, Takeo notices a cute girl named Rinko Yamato being harassed by someone and saves her. Thus begins his love story.

Rinko is very grateful and impressed by Takeo, but she is very cute and out of his league. Due to past experiences, Takeo assumes she must like Makoto and not him, but Rinko slowly and truly ends up falling for Takeo and his kind-hearted personality.

Ore Monogatari always deviates from the typical perfect guy/perfect girl couple to tell a more realistic and heartfelt love story. Takeo is a genuine guy who loves only Rinko but wishes to see her do well in life.

Even coming to terms with her leaving to go to Spain with her family. He always stands by and supports her with no expectation in return, which one would say is a pure and innocent form of love, like when he flies to Spain when he hears she has trouble during her exams.

The two eventually confess their feeling and get together and is very satisfying when they do. A true love, cute romance anime, with nice variation in characters, storyline, and clean-cut animation.

2. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children is an interconnected story of multiple high school students. It explores the different stages and styles of dating and the obstacles they face at that age.

Whether it is dating, talking, or confessing feelings, it is always nerve-racking the first time around. Follow the students as they overcome these personal and external obstacles to experience some romance.

There isn’t much to go on about in Tsurezure Children. The basic idea is about young love, the one with infatuation, nervousness, and excitement. The various array of characters makes it a little more interesting.

Some include Haruhiko and Takuro, two soccer players who like their classmates, the soft-hearted Ayaka, Saki and Yuki of the tennis club, the jokester Chiaki, and many more.

There are some cute moments here and there from confessing feelings to considering giving up on them. Try this cute romance anime if you want a short, easy, and less complicated watch.

1. Tsuki Ga Kirei

Tsuki Ga Kirei

Dreams and residual feelings are unfurled out as Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno enter their final year of junior high. The former is a member of the literature club and the latter a member of track and field. They also end up in the same class together for the first time and new friendships and romances ignite.

They get introduced to each either as volunteers at some school event, thus beginning a journey of love, hesitancy, distance, and realizations of truth.

Tsuki Ga Kirei is similar to most anime so why does it take the top spot in the list of cute romance anime? Well, though it is similar, it explores the complexity of relationships a little more while still keeping the cute, light-hearted romance aspect.

There are intricacies in their interactions with others and some development of bond over time that is not rushed but not too lagging either. The characters are suitably designed, the animation is fresh, the plot is pretty solid and the ending is tied up in a neat bow.

This makes it a full package from start to finish. They enter their final year as strangers, get acquainted, and learn about each other differences and similarities, flaws and strengths alike. Grow in their friendship and a romance buds from there.

One that is sweet, patient, and stands distance as time, Akane does move away for a bit, but this doesn’t stop Kotarou from expressing his feelings through his writing.

Not to mention others who have crushes on the central couple. yet they overcome all this with love and perseverance and ultimately get married. A smooth watch for those who like cute romantic animes that explore the depth of relationships but keep it easy-going in other areas.


So there you have it folks. The top 15 romance anime loaded with all the cuteness you need. From deep, intricate relationships, to easy over-the-surface ones, from strong character development to almost no development at all. Whether you like cute animation, humour, or heartfelt romance, this list would have covered it all for you. These are available on most OTT and anime platforms. Why are you still here? Go binge-watch!

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