What Is All For One’s Goal In My Hero Academia?

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia has been nothing but a hype train. The epic fight between Shigaraki and Deku is raging on. And we’ve seen a huge twist occur amidst the battle.

The following article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia manga chapter 285. Read ahead at your own discretion! You can read the latest chapters for free on Viz.com

All for one has manifested Tomura. Like a divine possession, he has taken over the young villains’ body and is talking to Deku in a weird voice and calling him “Little Brother.

Deku has pushed his body to the limits once again in a bid to stop Tomura once and for all. But the latter’s regeneration quirk is keeping him intact. And now with the resurfacing of AFO things are going to get more complicated. This new turn of events is making us speculate about All For One’s motive and how did he managed to resurface in Tomura?

What could All For One be planning?

It seems that All For One’s goal is to be an immortal sentient being and in the process steal One For All, which is the only quirk that can stop him. He probably has been conspiring with Dr.Garaki behind the scenes to achieve it. All For One was never keen on dying. Even after his brother, whom he truly cared for, died, AFO kept on living. He did so by stealing life-prolonging quirks (stolen from Dr. Garaki) and body-enhancement quirks.

Though these quirks give him prolonged life it also brings immobility as a side effect. The major villain has tackled this so far by using other quirks for movements. However, being at full power and suriving for even longer period seems to have become a pain for AFO. So this time the villain went a step ahead and decided to go the Orochimaru way.

All FOr One could have given Tomura his original quirk with the hope of taking over the latter’s body at some point. He could repeat the process in the coming years further down the line. This would keep him alive to rule the world. Thus achieving immortality.

What Quirk would All for One give Shigaraki? | Fandom
All for one could be manipulating Shigaraki

How did All For One manifest in Tomura?

Remember the battle between Deku and Hitoshi Shindo during the UA Tournament arc? The one where we first time saw 8 vestiges lurking inside Deku. If you remember that battle, then you might have noticed that during the fight the vestiges took over Dekus body and blasted an Air Strike into the ground to break Deku from Shindo’s mind control.

Similarly, when Tomura was awakened after his experiment was thwarted midway, Deku again saw the first user of One for All and had a chat with him. Deku also spoke with the 6th user of One for all when the latter used his Blackwhip to save Deku from falling during the training exercise. This proves that One for all previous users in live on inside the quirk in some way.

Now we all know that One for All is a merged quirk. The two quirks that merged are the Stockpiling quirk given by All for One to his younger brother and the younger brother’s own quirk of getting passed down. So there’s a possibility that the stockpiling quirk didn’t just accumulate power but also the memories of the users and to an extent their soul too. And since All for one was the owner of that quirk it is very much possible that he too has that ability.

All for one asks for Shigaraki's body

All For One could have manifested in Tomura using the same logic.

All for one must have noticed how his brothers memories and powers are getting passed down throughout their history. That must have given him an idea to do the same. And now by using Tomura, AFO is going to return in his original glory. And with an extremely powerful quirk, Decay.

This could be one of the reason why All for one gave his quirk to Tomura. What do you think could be the motive behind All for one’s extensive planning? Let us know in the comments.

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