Voice Actress Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Middle Of Live Broadcast, Forced To Leave

The actress had taken a PCR test a few days ago and was waiting for its results.

Voice actress Lynn was diagnosed with COVID-19

Voice actress Lynn was diagnosed with COVID-19 in the middle of a live broadcast of Engage Kiss anime, which took place on July 29, 2022, forcing her to immediately leave the livestream midway.

Lynn, who voices Ayano in the anime, was attending the “Bayron City Government Public Relations Department Live Broadcast” with fellow voice actors Saya Aizawa, Soma Saito and MC Seitaro Mukai.

At around 24 minutes into the live broadcast, Lynn left the program, with Mukai revealing that her test report returned as positive.

According to her agency, Arts Vision, the voice actress had taken an antigen test before the live broadcast began. The tests had come back negative.

However, Lynn had taken a PCR test few days ago, and the results of those tests returned while she was in the middle of the live stream.

The broadcast continued with the three other guests present after Lynn left. According to a twitter user, the other guests had an “indescribable” expression after the voice actor was tested positive.

Fans on forums reacted asking why Lynn was allowed to attend the live broadcast just on the basis of an antigen test.

“I thought you shouldn’t be on the air while you’re waiting for the test results. But I guess in the entertainment business, regular checkups are required for each job, so I guess it can’t be helped,” a comment read.

“She says she was fine on the most recent antigen test. Antigen testing is a scam,” another fan wrote.

Lynn is the second voice actor from Arts Vision to be tested positive on July 29. Earlier that day Daiki Yamashita, the voice actor of Deku, too was tested positive for COVID-19.

The actor had a fever the day before and took both antigen and a PCR test immediately. While the antigen test came back negative, the PCR test result came back as positive on the 29th.

Yamashita is currently recuperating at his home.

Arts Vision said that they will prioritize the safety of the voice actors and staff affiliated with their agency and “strive to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection”.

Source: Twitter, Otakomu, Arts Vision

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