Top 20 Cute Anime Cats: Ranking Most Adorable Neko

Hello lovely Otakus! Welcome to our list of the “Top 20 Cute Anime Cats.”

In the diverse universe of anime, these lovely and adorable cat characters have stolen our hearts many times with their cutest looks and playful acts.

So, we are here to introduce you to these cute little cats that are a mix of both popular as well as not so popular, but after reading the article until the end, you will know everything about them.

The best and cute anime cats:

Cute Anime Cats
Fuwa Fuwa felines!

From funny troublemakers to loyal pals, these adorable cats have played a crucial role in anime, making it dear and wholesome to watch.

So, get ready to discover these adorable and cutest anime feline characters that are sure to make you smile.

1. Haru from My Roommate Is A Cat:

Haru from My Roommate Is A Cat

Can you expect cats can teach you important life lessons in an anime where they’re only presented as mascots and don’t have much screen time provided to them? If not, get ready to watch My Roommate Is A Cat, which features a cute anime cat, Haru, is in the main lead. She will definitely give you vibes to be the best version of yourself.

The show will put you in the world of an endearing stray tuxedo cat named Haru. As a cat, she is so independent that you will never think she can act so silly sometimes, and that is what makes her so cute for me, and I bet you will like it too.

Soon, her life takes a turn when Subaru Mikazuki adopts her from the streets as she was a stray cat.

The anime has beautifully captured the challenges and heartwarming moments. What was really unique for me as a first-time watcher of this show was that storytelling was not only unique but was narrated in Haru’s perspective as well as in Subaru’s perspective. It may sound complicated while reading, but I bet you will understand once you personally watch it.

Furthermore, Subaru, our main protagonist who has never taken responsibility for taking care of anyone, starts taking care of Haru and understanding the situation in a better way as he gets better and better in each episode.

Lastly, there are many reasons to watch this series because it gives a refreshing touch to the concept of the bond between humans and their pets, and how it helps us in our growth as a humans if we are attached to our pets is best portrayed in the show.

2. Chomusuke from Konosuba:

Chomusuke from Konosuba

Chomusuke is the one and only cat introduced in Konosuba, and you sure know how much Megumin loves her. I mean, why not? She is adorable, and black cats are so mesmerizing to watch, especially when she’s having fun with some of the coolest characters in the show.

If I further describe her looks, she is a black cat, as already mentioned, with a red cross-shaped mark on her forehead and wings like a bat. Yes, like a bat! Even though bats don’t look good, she does, so don’t worry.

She has short and adorable legs, a big round head, and yellow oval eyes. The moments when she’s happy or mad, she shows sharp teeth, and trust me, it is the cutest trait of her in the show. Chomusuke is without a doubt one of the cutest anime cats!

3. Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service:

Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service

Despite the show being all about Kiki’s journey, the main protagonist of the show “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” the adorable cat in the show named Jiji also has a main role of guiding our sweet little Kiki.

If I further describe his adorable looks, he kind of looks charming and sassy, which suits him so well. It seems like “sassy” was just made for him.

As for his role as guidance for sweet little Kiki, he helps her throughout her journey of self-discovery. Although he often expresses his opinions in a sassy manner, you should just watch him in the series, and you will literally understand the true meaning of being really sassy.

But what makes him one of the cutest anime cats? Well, it’s his adorable looks that often trick me into how someone with that cute appearance can be so mature.

4. Sakamoto from Nichijou:

Sakamoto from Nichijou

Another candidate on our list may look like a normal cat, but he is not? Because he can actually speak! Well, not actually, but through his device, basically a scarf around his neck, helps him communicate. I know it sounds complicated, and it gets more complicated because his voice seems much more mature if we compare it to his normal cat looks.

If we talk about how he got the scarf, we have to know his background. Well, Sakamoto was a regular cat, as mentioned, until he was found and adopted by two main characters of the show, Nichijou, Nano and Hakase.

Later on, Hakase crafts a special red-colored scarf for Sakamoto that eventually granted him the ability to speak like a human, and later, you know he sounded so mature.

What’s new is that he always demands respect like an adult, but still, there were a few characters who loved to tease and treat him like a normal cat, and trust me, it was so hilarious to watch it, and you found it cute. I mean, Sakamoto is genuinely beyond adorable in the show.

5. Poyo from Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki:

Poyo from Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Next, the cutest cat that comes in our list is Poyo from Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki. I think most people are hearing about her for the first time. She is so damn underrated!

I mean, why? Just look at her; the cat is so godly cute. But if you want a short description of describing her looks, here it is: a round and marshmallowy head that looks so adorable. And what’s unique about her is she doesn’t look like a regular cat; she is like a huggable ball (literally) full of fur.

So, add this anime to your watchlist if you love to watch this fluff ball because I personally enjoy it a lot.

6. Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home:

Chi from Chi's Sweet Home

Chi is a mix of an American Shorthair and a grey and white-striped Tabby cat who really loves to smile, and it definitely looks adorable. Not only her smile but also her cute little body, large eyes, and black stripes. She looks like an ordinary cat and even acts like one.

The show mainly portrays Chi’s life with her happy family, and her daily routine is to drink milk, take naps, and go for a walk in the park. No extraordinary powers or drama, just an ordinary cat living her happy life, and that’s what makes her one of the cutest anime cats on our list, according to me.

7. Maya & Kamineko from Azumanga Daioh:

Maya & Kamineko from Azumanga Daioh

Here come not one but two cats on our list from the same show, Maya & Kamineko from Azumanga Daioh. But they’re totally opposite each other; I mean, polar opposites.

First, Kamineko, a biting cat. Yes, you heard that right, the one and only cat who will bite if you try to pat her sounds scary, right? Then what makes us add her to our list? It’s her adorable appearance.

Yes, I bet you will get deceived by her lovely looks, just like our main protagonist, Sakaki, who always tries to pat her but gets bitten by her all the time.

But soon, she finds Maya, our next cute anime cat, wholoves to get spoiled by hugging and patting. She has an adorable appearance, and there is nothing to say against her. She is the best and one of the cutest cats on our list.

8. Happy from Fairy Tail:

Happy from Fairy Tail

Our happy-go-lucky cat, and one of the most popular and cute cat characters in the anime universe, Happy from Fairy Tail. His appearance comes with a cover in blue fur, which sounds a bit odd, but how can a cat be blue? Well, Happy is, and he is a cat. One more thing that makes him unique is that he can talk as well.

If you haven’t watched this super-hit mascot of Fairy Tail, then you are missing some amazing characters in the show and, of course, the cutest cat mascot in the anime universe.

9. Puck from Re:Zero:

Puck from Re:Zero

Puck can be an absolute cat prince; I mean, why not? He looks stunning, gorgeous, and breathtaking, even though he is just a cat. He’s more appealing than any other characters in Re:Zero, but obviously, he can’t defeat Rem in cuteness, but he’s a tough competitor for sure!

As I further describe him, he’s basically not a cat but a magical creature made by Echidna (I know the list is of cute cats, but his cat form can’t be ignored, you know?).

The most odd thing you will see about this sweet little cat is he can turn into different things, like a real person, yes, you read that right!

When he first met Emilia and Subaru, he adopted a huge scary beast. Well, he sounds quite notorious, but still, don’t make him mad, or you will end up dead! But still, nothing can replace his godly cuteness, and that is why he’s one of the cutest cats on our list.

10. Nyanko-Sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends (cute chonky cat):

Nyanko-Sensei from Natsume's Book of Friends

CHONKYY!! Next on our list is Nyanko-Sensei, also popularly called Madara (Not Naruto’s Madara). Basically, he is not a cat but a yokai. Despite his cat-like appearance, he is so adorable and cute that how can someone ignore him, which is why he’s on our list.

If we further describe his form, he is a powerful, beastly youkai, as mentioned, who more commonly takes the form of a maneki-neko (a cat form that he usually takes in the show).

The main purpose of this Neko is to inherit the Book of Friends, thus giving him control over a vast number of yokai, which is why he acts as if he is Natsume’s bodyguard.

Well, I think he should attack, but instead, he tries to protect him from other yokai. That’s what we say Kawaii and cute in a Neko.

11. Aria Pokoteng from Aria the Animation:

Aria Pokoteng from Aria the Animation

Here comes a president cat, Aria Pokoteng from Aria the Animation. Well, even though he is termed as a cat in the series, he is smart enough to understand human speech efficiently. But his background says more about him.

He is basically a male Aqua breed feline (common traits are bigger than Earth breed and human-level intelligence). Well, it may sound complicated as it is, but he was just a cute little stray cat until he was discovered by a grandma 20 years ago. From there, he turned out to be the cutest cat mascot for his company.

As a mascot, he does a great job and also is positioned 11th in our cute anime cat list.

12. Takkun from FLCL:

Takkun from FLCL

Well, one more black cat makes it to our list, and why not, black cats are such adorable characters that even animators can’t resist portraying them in their show.

If I further describe his appearance, Takkun is a black cat, but he has a very tiny body, and there are some missing details, like Takkun has no paws and even looks a lot more cartoonish than other cat characters mentioned in our list. I don’t know if it was intentionally made to look like that or not, but still, he looks really adorable, and his actions will never let you move your eyes from the screen!

Do check out this cute little anime cat because he is so criminally underrated.

13. Kuro from Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist):

Kuro from Ao no Exorcist

After discovering so many forms of cats on our list, here comes a demon cat, but who said that demons can’t be cute, especially in cat form? Well, Kuro is a cute little black cat who not only possesses infinite demon power but also has a caring and childish side to him for his masters.

Well, his background is really heart-wrenching because his ex-master, Shiro, was killed by Satan, and after that, he became somewhat evil and started attacking the academy until one day he got a new master to serve. None other than our main lead, Rin.

Kuro can go to any extent to save his master, but normally he is just a small, cute kitten who loves to get pats from his master and drink strong wine, yes, you read that right!

14. Blair from Soul Eater:

Blair from Soul Eater

If you think our list is filled with some weirdly cute anime cats, then wait for this one coming up next, a Witch Cat! Yes, you read that right!

Blair is a cat who can take the form of a witch, yes, a cute girl witch form. But we will not talk about her human girl form, even though it’s damn cute because we are interested in her cat form. Well, she is an ordinary black cat but with no cat attitude.

I mean, as a cat, she is fun-loving, caring, and loves to take care of others. Yes, the cat we all dream about, and I don’t need to say it, but still, she is one of the cutest anime cats shown in anime.

15. Luna, Artemis, and Diana from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon:

Luna, Artemis, and Diana from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Next up in our list of the best and cute anime cats are not one, not two, but three iconic cats from the legendary veteran show Senshi Sailor Moon. Luna, Artemis, and Diana are an adorable cat trio that is literally unbreakable, and it seems like a crime to separate them in this list. So, we will cover them together.

First comes Luna and Artemis, who are like helpful friends that everyone needs, just like the main characters in the series, especially at the beginning of her journey; they were her only support who helped her come out of her regular life.

They have been around for a very long time and are very old, so don’t get deceived by their cute demeanor, because they know a lot about the world they live in. They also handed some special things to the Senshi to help them become more powerful.

As the story progresses, our third cutest and smallest cat arrives, Diana, and joins the group, and she is the child of Luna and Artemis. But the most interesting fact to me was that she’s from the future.

Well, this iconic trio is literally incomparable, and it’s a pleasure to add them as the cutest anime cats in our list because without them, our list would definitely be incomplete for sure!

16. Buyo & Kirara from Inuyasha:

Buyo & Kirara from Inuyasha

Again in our listicle, we will be sharing the two cutest anime cats from the universe of an anime known to be a classical gem called Inuyasha. Not only their characters but also their cats have made it to our list, and why not? Buyo & Kirara both deserve a place here!

First, we will talk about Buyo; she is just our ordinary household cat who is super lazy, and you can always find her on Kagome’s bed sleeping or wandering around. Because of her laziness, she is overweight, has an average height, and multi-colored fur.

Even though you will not see her much in the show, still a few glimpses of Buyo are enough to showcase her cuteness.

Second comes Kirara, our another popular cat character from the show. She is basically a demon cat, not the ordinary one like Buyo. But a similarity is that she acts like a regular cat, like she eats cat food, loves to have fish, and also has the same weakness as a normal cat.

One dissimilarity is that she has two forms: first, a cute kitten form, and second, a giant beast one to fight with its opponents. Well, if I have to vote, I’d go for its first form for sure; it’s damn adorable!

17. Sorata from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi:

Sorata from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

After seeing all the witch and demon form cute anime cats, here comes a normal fluffy cat, Sorata from Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. He is a 10-year-old fluffy cat that I would love to cuddle at bedtime.

His ordinary features like small eyes and normal cat characteristics make him super kawaii and quite adorable to watch, even though he is not given much screen time. Still, as a cute cat in a show, you will find this fluffball really heartwarming.

18. Arthur from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch:

Arthur from Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

An ordinary cat with no extraordinary power and just likes to chill out and mind his own business. Sometimes these kinds of pets are really admirable as they don’t unnecessarily create chaos but just love to bite you every now and then.

Arthur was basically introduced as a stray cat befriended by Princess Euphemia in Area 11. But later on, you can see him causing mischief by taking Lelouch’s mask, leading to school adventures.

After getting his hands on Arthur, the student council adopts him as their own. Arthur often seems to bite Suzaku, but later on, he goes to Britannia and befriends Anya.

19. Kuroneko-sama from Trigun:

Kuroneko-sama from Trigun

The smallest and cutest anime black cat on our list. This one is really special; not because he has supernatural power, but he is special because of his appearance and playful nature.

In the series, he appears almost every time, and you can always see him having a big smile on his face with big yellow shining eyes. His body is so small that you can keep him in your hands and roam around. And the only thing that makes him super happy is discovering trash bins and bags around him.

20. Chachamaru – Demon Slayer:

Chachamaru – Demon Slayer

After talking about so many ordinary let’s again come to cute anime cats with supernatural power, and that’s our Chachamaru from Demon Slayer. He does look like some ordinary cat, but I don’t know it feels odd whenever he appears from nowhere at the end of the fight just to collect samples of blood of demons from Tanjiro.

I mean, he looks pretty unique too. Even though he doesn’t have much screen time in the show, some fans may find him cute as well.

Special Mention: Some Cutest Anime Cats from Hetalia (Nekotalia):


There are too many cute and adorable cats appearances in the show based on their nations, and trust me, they all are so stunning. It was really hard for me to keep just a few of them because they all are so cute and have such a lovely demeanor.

But still, I have picked a few of them, and I hope you will like them as well!

21. Japan Cat:

This cat comes straight from Japan, as also suggested in the title. She is super-duper cute and has mentioned in the manga that she loves to eat tuna. She looks like a total goofball, covered in her fluffy fur all around her body and a soft little body with small paws that really makes her look so beautiful and kawaii.

22. France Cat:

The most elegant cat coming up on our list. She is so proud of herself that she thinks other cats really lack elegance like her, and that might be true. I mean, just look at her picture; she’s way beyond pretty.

A cat with the most attractive features, like white, silky feather-like fur that keeps you staring at her. But you can never capture her glimpse of her beauty in your camera. And imagine her only hobby is to keep her surroundings clean and tidy, just like her. I mean, she’s more like a queen in the cat kingdom for sure!

23. Italy Cat:

A fun-loving cute cat who loves to flirt with other female cats along with Germany Cat, even though he is male as well. Yes, you heard that right! He is a white cat with brown patches of fur on his head, left leg, back, and tail, Italy’s natural closed eyes, and has curls on the left side of his head. He is so cheerful that no one can ignore him, at least not me.

Wrapping Up:

In the end, I would like to say that our list is filled with super adorable and lovely anime cats that you will not discover anywhere else.

So, if you have missed watching any of these cats in the show, give it a rewatch or, if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it now because that is what the cat god needs you to do! Thanks for Reading!

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