Teen Goten And Trunks Confirmed To Appear In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Fans have been waiting for this ever since the Trailer dropped.

After much speculation, the latest panel of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero confirms that Goten and Trunks will be appearing in the film, and their design shows they’ve aged up!

The Super Stage Panel of the Dragon Ball Battle Hours 2022 event on Feb 20 featured a special behind-the-scenes discussion between Executive Producer Akiyo Iyoku, Film Producer Norihiro Hayashida and Director Tetsuro Kodama.

Soon into the conversation, Iyoku pointed at a poster, which was the movie’s Key Visual released before Jump Festa 2022, and said “something is cut off, or rather, the rest of the car is out of view”

“Well, there might be the other half of the car, we just don’t see it” said host Sascha.

The panelists then revealed a never-before-seen full image of the said poster, featuring new characters like Krillin, Android 18, Bulma and of course Teen Goten and Trunks doing the fusion pose.

DBS Super Hero full key visual
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero full key visual
Teen Goten and Trunks DBS Super Hero
Teen Goten and Trunks character design

Perplexed by their new design, Sascha asked Iyoku about the timeline of the film’s events. Iyoku vaguely answers by saying that “Since Videl is seen to have grown up, some time has passed after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. That’s why Trunks and Goten have grown a bit older”.

The host then focused on the fusion pose and asked “will they fuse into Gotenks in the film?” The Panelists were initially hesitant to give a straightforward answer but Director Kodama does say that “When it comes to Goten and Trunks, Fusion is only natural”

Iyoku confirms this and added that Gotenks will appear in the film.

Iyoku on Goten and Trunks fusion

But as many fans noticed, Sascha pointed out that there seems to be a mistake in their pose. The index fingers of their hands above their heads seem to be not properly connected.

wrong fusion by goten and trunks
Error in the fusion process

Goku and Vegeta made the same mistake in the Broly film and turned into a fat version of Gogeta.

Fans speculate whether we will see teenage fat Gotenks in the film.

The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie will release in Japan on Apr 22, 2022. The Super Stage Panel at the Battle Hours event revealed that the film will hit North American theatres in Summer 2022.

According to previous reportsAkira Toriyama‘s involvement is very high in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. He was already writing the script for it while the last film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, was still in production.

Source: Bandai American Youtube Channel