Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix Manga To Get Anime Adaptation

Disney+ acquires worldwide streaming rights.

The sixth volume of Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix manga is getting an anime adaptation by Studio 4°C. The anime is titled Phoenix: Eden 17.

A new key visual and trailer were released to commemorate the announcement. The main character Romi (Romy in Viz Media’s version), the planet of Eden and the Phoenix are previewed in the trailer.

The anime will release sometime in 2023, and stream worldwide exclusively on Disney + platform, except Mainland China.


Phoenix is an unfinished manga series authored by Osamu Tezuka. Each volume of the manga is a self contained story, taking place in a different era, with plots being either set in the future or the past. Each story touches upon the search of immortality, and involves recurring appearance of the bird of fire, Phoenix.

Termed as his “life’s work” by Tezuka himself, Phoenix contains 12 volumes. The manga stopped publishing after the author’s death in 1989.

The sixth volume is titled Nostalgia, and follows the character Romi and her partner, who leave behind a devastated Earth and come to the planet of Eden 17 in hopes of living a new life. However, much to their surprise they find that life of the planet has become extinct, leading her to live an even harsher life.

As of 2007, the entire manga series is available in English-language translations.

Source: Comic Natalie