Netizens Show Support For Chainsaw Man Director & Staff, As Petition To Remake The Anime Gains Momentum

One fan even started a petition to counter the one wanting the remake the anime.

A Japanese fan, who was critical of how Chainsaw Man‘s adaptation is shaping out to be, started a petition on Change.org asking for the anime to be remade.

In the petition, the fan singled out the anime’s director Ryu Nakayama and his vision for Chainsaw Man as one of the main reasons why the adaptation did not meet his expectations. There was also a difference in Nakayama’s interpretation of the source material, according to the fan.

“Director Ryu Nakayama’s ‘Japanese movie-like’ direction is very unpopular. The ‘momentum’ and ‘gags’ that are considered to be the charm of the original work are lost due to excessive realism and eroticism,” a translation of the petition reads. “There are many alterations that make the understanding of the original foreshadowing and intentions questionable.”

The petition has been gaining momentum online as multiple anime news websites covered it. However, days after the news broke, netizens and fans of the anime adaptation have flocked together to show solidarity for Nakayama and the staff of Chainsaw Man anime.

Chainsaw man anime key visual

A twitter user said that they were embarrassed that some fans considered adaptation was not good enough. The user felt that Chainsaw Man anime was fantastic, and wanted other favorite series of theirs to get an anime adaptation of the same calibre.

There were also qualms about why the some fan felt the need to start a petition to remake the Chainsaw Man anime, considering the “god level animation” that it got. Others felt that the petition in itself was hilarious, because there was nothing more the fans could ask of the anime.

There were also fans who simply didn’t get why the anime needed a remake.

“But why do they want the studio to remake such a goated adaptation tho? Are they watching this show with their eyes closed or something?”, a tweet read.

Another user expressed their disbelief at Nakayama being on the receiving end of hate from fans for the anime adaptation. He however added that the director once again proved his mettle in the final episode of Chainsaw Man‘s Season 1.

Similar opinions were floated by other Chainsaw Man fans too, as they felt that the anime was doing a great job of adapting the source material.

“Don’t understand why he was getting hate. CSM anime is a golden example of taking source material and elevating it. Huge [anime] will use this as a example for adaptations in future,” a fan wrote.

Others pointed out that the Japanese fans were simply too averse to the use of CGI in any anime, no matter how well executed it was. The hate that Chainsaw Man was getting was also compared to the hate that the final chapter of Attack on Titan got.

One fan even started a petition to counter the remake of the anime.

The final episode of Chainsaw Man season 1 aired on Dec 27, 2022. Studio MAPPA was in charge of animating the adaptation with Nakayama helming the series.

Hiroshi Seko wrote the scripts, and Kazutaka Sugiyama designed the characters.

Other staff members include:

  • Kensuke Ushio: Music
  • Makoto Nakazono: Chief Technical Director
  • Tatsuya Yoshihara: Action Director
  • Kiyotaka Oshiyama: Devil Design
  • Yūsuke Takeda: Art Director
  • Naomi Nakano: Key Color Artist
  • Yohei Miyahara: Screen Design

Crunchyroll streamed the anime in over 200 countries and territories across the globe, except Asia, while Media Link, which runs Ani-One YouTube channel, brought the rights to stream the anime in Asia, including China.

Source: Twitter, Change.org

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