Nagatoro-San VA Sumire Uesaka’s Second Photobook To Release In Fall

The photos have already been shot at Okinawa and Tokyo.

Sumire Uesaka’s Second Photobook

The lead voice actress for Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, Sumire Uesaka, will have her second photobook published this fall. It was announced by Japanese publisher Tokyo News Tsushinsha.

The photos in her self produced magazine have already been shot at Okinawa and Tokyo. The Nagatoro voice actress says the photos have everything she ever wanted to do such as, “I want to frolic in a bikini under a blue sky,” “I want to eat hot ramen noodles in a Chinese outfit,” “I want to be a bunny girl,” “I want to walk around in a maid outfit,” “I want to be a sexy adult lady in a tight knit“.

The book further includes her thoughts and concepts behind each outfit of hers.

She further announced the news on her Twitter as well:

Sumire’s Message To All:

Believing that it is meaningful for me to do what everyone experiences as a teenager, I traveled with girls at a hot spring inn, flirted on the beach, and cosplayed as my favorite. I have enjoyed the late youth!

 The editorial department told me, “You can do whatever you like with Sumire-chan’s self-produced.” It’s fun and it’s fun… I never dreamed that the day would come when I would wear a classic bikini on a southern island. I’ve been showing a lot of ′′ smile ′′ that I’ve been weak in for a long time. I was 27 years old when I shot the previous work “Sumireiro”, and this time I’m 29 and 30 years old. I was able to learn the lesson that human beings can grow in just 2-3 years. Please take a look at the results of practicing smiling in front of the mirror night after night.

You can view some of her sample photos here.

The first photobook of Sumire was released in 2019 and was at the top in Amazon photobooks for several weeks. The massive popularity of the photobook resulted in re-prints. Thus, earning huge profits.

Source: Oricon, Twitter

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