Kodansha Launches New Licensing Website For Global Companies Looking To Collaborate


Japanese publishing powerhouse Kodansha launched a new licensing website on Jan 31, 2024, titled “Kodansha Licensing Website by C-station.”


The website was created keeping in mind the widespread popularity that Japanese manga and anime have achieved worldwide.

With an increasing number of global companies expressing interest in partnering with popular manga titles, Kodansha has identified an opportunity to facilitate these collaborations.

According to the company, the licensing website will will serve as a one-stop shop for global companies looking to collaborate with Kodansha on popular manga and anime IP.

The licensing website lists out previous titles that had collaborations including Attack on Titan, Blue Lock, Cardcaptor Sakura and others. It also features prominent case studies of past collaborations, including the FORTNITE × Attack on Titan collaboration which happened in April 2023.

Furthermore, the new licensing website also has an FAQ section which details the process involved for merchandising, advertising and also how Kodansha’s Manga IP can be used to create products, advertising videos and images.

Founded in 1909, Kodansha has gone on to become one of Japan’s largest publishers. They publish a wide range of works, including comics, novels, journalistic magazines, fashion magazines, picture books, anime, and games, with a wide readership in 40 countries.

Source: Official website, Oricon

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