Kakegurui Author Apologises For Canceled Dark Isekai Revenge Manga

Slime and Mushoku Tensei authors responds to Homura Kawamoto's apology.

After the release of only Chapter 1 of “Kakegurui” author Homura Kawamoto’s recently serialized series “The Killer of the Reincarnated: Cheat Slayer” aka “Isekai Tenseisha Goroshi -Cheat Slayer” KADOKAWA’s editorial department cancelled it.

Following the cancelation, the authors issued an apology on their Twitter account,

It is translates to:

I deeply apologize for all the pain, concerns, and fuss I have caused to everyone related to this incident. I created a work that was lacking in due consideration, and I am ashamed to have caused an incident like this. Going forward, my shame about my actions will encourage me to create better works. I am deeply sorry.

Fuse, author of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime responded to Kawamoto’s apology. A portion of his blog message translates as:

“I have received an apology from the Dragon Age editorial department. For an author, the character’s image is important, so I request that if you do a parody, you do not overdo it.”

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation author @Magote_rihujin was among the critics of the manga.

His tweet translates to :

“Making the so-called isekai cheat protagonists the villains and making them do vile things” ←Not a problem
“Making characters appear who are recognizably borrowed from characters from other works” ←I’m not going to say it’s not a problem, but it’s not a huge problem

“Making characters appear who are recognizably borrowed from characters from other works, and then turning them into villains and making them do vile things” ←This is crossing the line

This new series became a hot topic after many readers have pointed out that the “Cheat Slayer” series depicts characters that are reminiscent of specific characters in other series. The manga featured characters who bore strong resemblances to the protagonists of Sword Art Online, Konosuba, and That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime committing vile and villainous acts.

The editorial department recognized that there will be problems with the publication in the future, such as the development and description, and the lack of foresight and consideration for the reaction to them. So they decided to cancel the serialization.

KADOKAWA sincerely apologized for the inconvenience that the manga may have caused to the related authors and other parties.

Source: ANN