JETRO Announces New Opportunity For US Based Animation Companies

The deadline for submitting applications is August 31


In a bid to raise awareness about Japanese anime in U.S.A, JETRO ( Japan External Trade Organization) has launched a new project. In this project JETRO will help 5 companies raise funds via crowdfunding in US and promote making anime a reality.

This project is for companies in the Japanese animation content field and also help JETRO develop overseas markets. This will not only help JETRO raise funds for new anime projects but also create a fan base for those projects in the same country.

This project offers the following support to the 5 selected companies:

  1. Support for launching a crowdfunding website
    (Page structure and planning, writing, translation of page drafts, native checking (character restrictions apply), etc.)
  2. Promotion of the site at launch and during the funding period
    (SNS, mailing lists, newsletters, SNS advertising, press releases, publicity for overseas media, etc.)
  3. Providing reports
    (return of data analysis and effectiveness measurement, provision of advice and improvement measures for the next implementation, etc.)

The application for this project is open to all registered companies and sole proprietors who wish to produce an unpublished feature-length or a short animation project. All types of companies are welcomed for this, however, in case of large number of applications SME’s will be preferred.

They have started taking applications since Aug 1, 2022 for anime projects looking to be crowdfunded between November-December 2022.

The crowdfunding platform to be used for raising funds will be Kickstarter, the most popular for such kind in US. If selected, the website will be created in September or October 2022 and crowdfunding will start in November or December.

The deadline for submitting applications is Aug 31 at 11:00 AM JST.

You can apply for this project over here and also receive rest of the information needed for application.

Source: Animation Business Info

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