Japanese Content Sees A Rise In Profits Compared To Previous Year

The Japanese content industry market made 12,758.2 billion yen in FY2021.

The Japanese content industry comprising of “manga”, “animation”, “movies”, “music”, “games”, “online games”, “live entertainment”, and in the field of media, “mobile content services”, “broadcasting”, “newspapers” and “publishing” are on a recovery trend in FY2021-FY2022. The report was submitted as “Digital Content White Paper 2022” by Digital Content Association of Japan on September 1, 2022.

The Japanese content industry market made 12,758.2 billion yen in FY2021, an increase of 7.7% from the previous year. In the previous year 2020, the growth rate was negative 9.3%. Thus showcasing that the content industry in back on its track.

Japanese Content Industry

Of all the content, the three fourths of the earning are of digital content which sums up to 9,761.1 billion yen. The growth of digital content is 8.5% which is higher than the overall rate and is still growing.

The Digital Content White Paper is annually published by the Human Digital Content Association under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Commerce and Information Policy Bureau.

Source: Animation Business Info

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