Japan Sets Up Anti Piracy Services To Stop Internet Piracy

Japan opened an "Internet piracy countermeasure information portal site" in June 2022.

The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs started a consultation service on Aug 30, 2022, to tackle copyright infringement by pirated copies on the internet.

The consultation desk is based on the recommendations made in the March 2009 Interim Summary of the Copyright Subcommittee of the Council for Cultural Affairs, titled “How to deal with cross-border piracy.”

Japan opened an “Internet piracy countermeasure information portal site” in June 2022. It targets majorly copyright infringement cases happening due to the piracy sites present on the internet. One can send the applications to the consultation desk from the consultation reception form in the portal site.

Internet piracy countermeasure information portal site

There has been a significant rise in Japanese TV programs and movie including anime piracy. Despite Japanese government and companies expanding their reach globally there are sites that distribute content without permission from IP holders. Thus causing great losses to the companies and the creators.

The application process will be getting more smoother in the future states the Agency. It will install extra servers in countries without access to Japanese content officially in order to avoid any lag between people reaching out to them and also to increase their reach.

The consultation desk will also help companies abroad and in Japan who wants to use the content legally. It will als provide a lawyer if needed to the companies applying.

Source: Animation Business Info