Ikebukuro Dons Toman’s Colours As City Gears Up For Tokyo Revengers Exhibition

Exhibition will take place at Tokyo's Ikebukuro Sunshine City Mall from Jan 29 to Feb 14, 2022 and in Osaka's Nanko ATC Gallery from March 19 to 27, 2022.

The city of Ikebukuro has started to suit up for the first installment of the limited time event- “TOKYO REVENGERS EXHIBITION” in Tokyo. The preparations began with a “Giant visual” of Mikey and his gang being displayed on the Toshima Ward Arts and Culture Theater (Tokyo Building Brillia HALL) on Jan 25, 2022.

ikebukuro brillia 01

The visual will stay up on the Toshima ward front from Jan 25-30, 2022.

Along with the visual, multiple other events and commercials, which will catch the fan’s attention and spread word about the exhibition will take place in the city.

As a part of this campaign, more than 80 flags have gone up in the east exit area of Ikebukuro Station from Jan 22, 2022, featuring Tokyo Revengers characters. These flags will stay up till Feb 14, 2022.

ikebukuro flag

Special commercials for the exhibition will also be displayed on Ikebukuro’s 4 large-scale visions, namely Mixa Vision, Hallesta Vision, Sunshine Vision, gdcs vision (* schedule undecided) between Jan 24 to Feb 14, 2022 at random times.

A stamp rally will also be conducted from Jan 29-Feb 14, 2022, with character posters of the main visuals drawn in 10 places in the Ikebukuro area. Fans can scan the QR code, get AR images and stamps and can take pictures with the characters!

Furthermore, fans who can get all the stamps will get a special wallpaper image.

ikebukuro stamprally 01

Additionally, an Ad truck donned with an original illustration by Ken Wakui will also be part of the exhibition preparations. This truck will travel around Ikebukuro between Jan 24 to Jan 30, 2022,

ad truck

During the event, some of the commemorative goods will be sold at satellite at the Animate Ikebukuro Main Store from Jan 29 to Feb 6, 2022.

Finally, the north passage of JR Ikebukuro Station will display a panoramic advertisement of Mikey and his gang from Jan 24 to Jan 30, 2022.

ikebukuro panorama

The ” TOKYO REVENGERS EXHIBITION ” Ikebukuro Jack, will take place at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Sunshine City Mall from Jan 29 to Feb 14, 2022 and in Osaka’s Nanko ATC Gallery from March 19 to 27, 2022. It will include various original artwork from author Ken Wakui along with content from manga, TV anime and live-action adaptation of the series

Along with the original artworks on display, there will be a variety of event-exclusive merchandise available to purchase.

Tokyo Revengers, written by Ken Wakui, is one of the most trending Japanese manga series right now. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2017 and has sold over 40 million copies so far. It was also adapted to a TV anime series aired from April to September 2021 and a live-action film released in Japan in July 2021.

Source: Twitter