Ghibli Museum Gets Approval To Receive Funding From Overseas Thanks To Local Government

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the Ghibli Museum has seen a significant drop in revenue. A campaign to raise funds is underway, backed by The Mitaka City Municipal Government.


The Mitaka City Municipal Government-backed campaign for funding the Museum based on the world-famous Ghibli films has finally opened to accept funding from across the border.

Early on in May of this year, the local government officially approved a crowdfunding campaign to help the museum using the Furusato Nozei Program, which resulted in doubling their initial goal of 10 million yen (USD $91,392) five days after the campaign was officially launched on June 15th, 2021.

Citizens of Japan contributed more than 22.5 million yen ($205,000) to get the campaign off to an explosive start. Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation, the parent organization that runs the museum and is headed by Hayao Miyazaki himself, received the extra money raised above and over the initial goal amount.

With 62 days left in the campaign, the total amount raised thus far is 34 million yen (about $303,000).

Donors can support the project with hometown tax payments.

Furusato tax payment is a system that allows you to donate to your hometown or the local government you want to support.
Income tax and inhabitant tax refunds and deductions are available for the portion of the maximum deduction amount that exceeds 2,000 yen (Rs. 1,328.75 or $17.71).

In 2008, the Japanese government introduced a tax-deductible and refundable donation mechanism (the Furusato Tax Payment) to help smaller Japanese cities and regions deal with a reduction in tax revenue, which got additional attention in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Those who donate a portion of their residence tax to their chosen “hometown,” regardless of whether or not they actually live there, receive unique goods and merchandise in return for their support.

Since its opening in October 2001, the Ghibli Museum Mitaka has continued to operate to bring smiles and excitement to many visitors as a museum where you can experience the world of Studio Ghibli, which is loved by people all over the world.

However, due to the temporary closure of the museum due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the limitation of the number of visitors, the income has dropped sharply, and now we are forced to run a large deficit.

Mitaka City issued a grant for the purpose of operational support, but even so, in order to operate it, it is necessary to withdraw the reserve fund for large-scale repairs for other purposes. 

The COVID pandemic is expected to continue for a while, and if the deficit and the withdrawal of reserve funds continue as they are, it is expected that the operation of the facility and the planned maintenance and maintenance in the future will be jeopardized.

Therefore, Mitaka City has decided to build a new operation support grant system that utilizes the hometown tax payment and to support the sustainable facility operation of this museum with the cooperation of everyone inside and outside the city.

As of now, donations are still restricted to countries and territories adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation, the privacy rules enacted by European Union member states and affiliated territories in 2016 to improve information security and privacy protections for residents and citizens living within those territories.

As a result, the donation form will remain limited to those residents, as well as the people of mainland China.

Aside from those geographical restrictions, the Government urges you to donate more than 5,000 yen (Rs. 3,322 or $44.27).

The donations received will be delivered as a grant to the Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation, which manages and operates the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, after deducting the expenses required for this matter by the city.

In addition, the Government will send a thank-you card from the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka to those who donated.

The campaign page and donation page are linked below in the source.

About the Ghibli Museum:

The Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is an art museum owned by Mitaka City, whose official name is “Mitaka City Animation Museum”. It has been loved by people all over the world and has welcomed nearly 700,000 customers from Japan and overseas every year.

The museum, which was conceived by Hayao Miyazaki and built mainly by Studio Ghibli, was donated to Mitaka City free of charge after completion. After that, the “Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation Culture”, which was established by Studio Ghibli and Mitaka City, manages and operates it as a designated manager.

Located in the southwest of Inokashira Park on the outskirts of Tokyo, it is a place of relaxation for the lush metropolitan people, and the charm of the building itself that symbolizes the world of Studio Ghibli’s work envisioned by Hayao Miyazaki, and high-quality, high-quality animation.

It is a facility that can be called a treasure of Mitaka City, which is attracting attention from all over the world as a base for transmitting culture.

Source: Ghibli Musem Furusato Tax Page via Crunchyroll

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