Fears About Black Clover Movie Getting Cancelled Spread After AnimeJapan Snub

The movie was expected to release sometime late in 2021, or by Summer 2022.

The fate of the latest Black Clover movie was questioned by fans of the series on Twitter, as the franchise failed to get a stage at AnimeJapan 2022.

The snub sent many into spiral, as they speculated that the movie’s production had hit a roadblock. Some outright feared that the movie was as good as cancelled.


Their arguments were built on the dwindling sales numbers of Black Clover. The lack of new info about the movie or total negligence of its promotion only added to the skepticism in the fandom.


This also encouraged trolls about the movie announcement being fake too.


Ever since the anime went on a hiatus, there hasn’t been any major development regarding the Black Clover movie other than the fact that it got a new visual at the Jump Festa 2022. The movie was announced on March 29, 2021 on Twitter.

The movie was expected to release sometime late in 2021, or by Summer 2022. But Pierrot, the studio that is in charge of animating Black Clover, has its hands full with Bleach at the moment. Since there aren’t talks about a studio change or hiring of new staff, the summer release date looks increasingly unrealistic.

However, not all fans have hopped on to the train of negative assumptions. Some are still hopeful and called for fans to be patient.


They were of the opinion that a longer wait meant animators had more time to work on the movie, improving the quality of the outcome.

Black Clover has fared badly compared to its competition in the shounen space and failed to end up in the Top 10 Oricon Sales. It has not managed to hit the 200,000 circulation mark after volume 21.

Black Clover manga sales

There has been a considerable dip in the volume sales ever since the anime stopped airing, raising concerns about Black Clover loyalists about the future of the series.

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