Fanworks Studio, Alongside Tokyo Otaku Mode And Others, Launches CryptoNinja NFT Original Animation Production Project

The original "Crypto Ninja NFT" is an NFT work created by investor-influencer Ikehaya and illustrated by popular illustrator Rii2, with 159ETH.

Cryptoninija NFT

Fan Works Co., Ltd., an anime studio, announced on Jan 31, 2022, that they’ve teamed up with BATTLE Co., Ltd., a digital content company, Tokyo Otaku Mode Co., Ltd., an online pop culture commerce company, and Tsukurie Co., Ltd., a startup incubator platform, to launch an animation adaptation project based on popular NFT work CryptoNinja from Japan.

The goal of this cooperative animation production project is to create animations based on NFTs and to execute various NFT demonstration experiments.

The first endeavor will begin with a Fanworks (Aggretsuko, Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!) anime promotional video, as their first experiment, but the companies are aiming to produce a full-fledged anime.

The original “Crypto Ninja NFT” is an NFT work created by investor-influencer Ikehaya, and illustrated by popular illustrator Rii2, with 159ETH (about 50 million yen or US$430,000 as of Monday) in total NFT sales earned from a community of under 10,000 fans and creators.

Recent trends in NFT collections in other countries, such as BAYC and RTFKT, have resulted in the creation of new IPs from NFT projects. In this demonstration experiment, they plan to use NFT for raising funds in a distinct way from traditional animation production.

The new aim is to develop a new animation production mechanism and character IP from NFT.

Recently, Toei animation also invested in an animation project based on a 9-year-old boy, Zombie Zoo Keeper‘s NFT art collection called “Zombie Zoo.” The anime project is set to release this Spring.

Source: Fanworks

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