Dorohedoro Exhibition Event Returns To Tokyo

The art exhibition traces Hayashida's work from Dorohedoro to Dai Dark.

The Dorohedoro exhibition event “Dorohedoro Original Art Exhibition Final- The World Of Kyu Hayashida” will be held from Sept 17 to Oct 16, 2022 at Tokyo’s Gallery AaMo.

They also revealed a new key visual for the event.

"Dorohedoro Original Art Exhibition FINAL ~The World of Kyu Hayashida~" drawn key visual

The art exhibition traces Hayashida’s work from Dorohedoro to Dai Dark which is currently serialized. The event started in Seibu Shibuya store in Tokyo in Feb 2020.

In the FINAL Dorohedoro exhibition, 60 original drawings and almost 80 monochrome manuscripts will be newly added to the exhibition content along with 390 other artworks.

In addition, newly drawn key visual illustrations and writing videos will also be released. The tickets go on sale today, August 19th.

The author/mangaka’s comments are:

Since this is the last time, I am drawing a new poster picture there is also a production process video. The large dark color original drawings currently being serialized are also increasing.
For those of you who couldn’t take your time to see it two years ago, this time we’re doing it for a long period of one month, so please come and see it!

Source: Comic Natalie