Dandadan Chapter 6: Of Boiling Crabs and Piggybacks

Dandadan Chapter 6, "Wanna Try Some Crab?" gets messy as the Bound Spirit chases Okarun and Momo to the ends of their wits (and the city).

Dandadan is back with Chapter 6- and it’s getting better and better! Last time, Okarun got his dick back. This time, he got possessed in return (a small price to pay for salvation, I’d say.) However, then came the actual bound spirit and things just got messy! Chapter 6, “Wanna Try Some Crab?” narrates the events immediately after the Turbo Granny orders the Bound Spirit to attack Okarun (Takakura Ken) and Ayase Momo.

From food analogy, to references to the afterlife, Dandadan chapter 6 has proved the legitimacy of this story for sure, but is it enough? Sorry, but no dick or toilet references in this chapter! It clearly stresses at the problem at hand and slowly builds up to the climax.

Plus point- each chapter gives you another colourful insult to add into your list. This time, its numbnuts.

Dandadan Chapter 6: The story finally shows some merit

The latest chapter definitely exceeds expectations! There is more emphasis on setting the scene and understanding the various factors that determine the working of this world. Okarun manages to embarrass himself (YET again); telling Momo he cannot sprint with her on his back in the most gentlemanly way possible.

His typical “I’m gonna shit my pants” expressions are enjoyable as always. This time, he became a helicopter in a desperate attempt to get away from the bound spirit.

Dandadan Mnga, Chapter 6
He’s definitely a ladies’ man.

On the other hand, Momo is her same self, snarky and bold when needed. Both of them make a great duo, though there is not much development between their relationship yet. Like the previous ones, Dandadan chapter 6 ends on a cliffhanger.

While usually the chapters would leave your head scratching and make you doubt the story’s mettle, this chapter keeps you at the edge of your seat. The events are thrilling, and make the story more substantive with the more serious tone adopted to display urgency.

About The Crab Bound Spirit (and Buddhism)

The bound spirit that our protagonists had to counter turned out to be a humongous crab. Momo then explains to a clueless (I promise I have nothing against the guy, he puts this on himself) Okarun why it is that way. Turns out, dead people turn into freshwater crabs to cross the river Sanzu. This is a clear reference to Japanese Buddhism (get ready for a short lesson).

 Dandadan Manga, Chapter 6

After the death of a person, they embark on a 49 day journey known as Chuuin. The first leg of it consists of them making their way to the river, guided by feeble light. Subsequently, the Ten Kings judges the dead; then deciding how the person will travel on the river. Those who commit even the slightest of sins are not allowed to use the bridge.

Therefore, its probably a hint that these spirits (specifically the bound spirit) are the culmination of human sinning or negative emotions. As we know, bound spirits reside in a place they have some connection to. Hopefully, there will be more explanations of the spirits further on.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to reviewing. One of the highlights of Dandadan chapter 6 was Momo’s quick thinking and the food analogy.

Dandadan Chapter 6
Thank you for the cooking tip, Momo!

It was genius, okay?

This is where the story ties its chaotic-“should you even take me seriously?” vibe with its sheer badassery and gives us something we will remember. It is fascinating that boiling the big spirit was the answer to stopping it. The events just show us just how daily life solutions can really save you, even if its just for a while!

The Possession of Okarun

Previously, Okarun was cursed rather than possessed; which is why he lost his dick. He then sucks on the breast of the Turbo Granny (I cannot take myself seriously writing this), he gets it back but she completely takes over him. This is an interesting development, because the dynamic between Okarun and the Turbo Granny is getting more complex.

While they both make for a comedic duo, it is also important to try and understand if the Turbo Granny is a long-term foe or only in this arc. This is because most of Okarun’s characteristics are now identified with the fact that he is possessed/cursed (this is turning into Okarun slander again, isn’t it?).

Will this become a long-running gag, with each arc Okarun being possessed by something else, or is the granny here to stay? The possibility of Okarun and Turbo Granny having a Yuji-Sukuna situation is something that is definitely possible. (Instead of fingers, he would need to suck more spirit breasts?)

That would give the story its main trio, two interconnected idiots and one slightly unhinged confident girl. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Worldbuilding- what next after chapter 6?

In the last chapter of Dandadan, Turbo Granny had mentioned “Skill Users”. This alluded to the fact that maybe an organisation of people like Momo’s grandmother, Dodoria Santa, exist with the purpose of eradicating spirits. Now that Momo and Okarun are really in a pinch, would we finally see another “skill user”? Are these “skill users” similar to Santa, and will we see them next chapter?

This seems plausible mainly because in the region near Shounou City where Okarun and Momo are, there will most likely be another medium who has borrowed the powers of the God of that region. That would really help the two out, and give us some variety with new characters.

Dandadan Manga, Chapter 6
We can assume that spirits and mediums like Santa both have territories, albeit due to different reasons.

Will we get a hot grandad this time? Who knows.

The aliens have also taken a backseat after the first chapter. If this whole arc was so spirit heavy, can we expect the next arc to be more alien based? Since Momo has shown us her special skills against spirits, is it possible that Okarun will (finally) have his time to shine against aliens?

Regardless of what happens next, this chapter was a game changer. It has shown us that there is ample space for world building and the intricacies of Japanese Buddhism being incorporated into this saga of genitals and other worldly beings. (Will the author also become a crab for tampering with rituals?)


We still are unaware of the motive in this story. Is getting rid of the bound spirit and Turbo Granny the only goal of this story? While its understandable that its too early to make a solid comment on the intentions of the story, its obvious that this story is carving its own path as a shonen series.

This is probably the chapter that will make you take the story more seriously, as it hits the spot with its tone and pace. Now, hopes are even higher for how the story will go on. Till then, we wait for the next chapter with baited breath!

Also, special mention to Momo for getting hungry looking at the spirit.

Goodbye for now, shitheel numbnuts!

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