Dandadan Gets An English Version From August 23

The official editor of Shonen Jump+ @SHIHEILIN tweeted today, that DANDADAN manga will receive an English version of the occult manga on Shonen Jump from Monday.

DanDaDan will be available only on the web version. Looking at the Shonen Jump App specifications, it is likely it won’t be updated there due to App Store restrictions as Yukinobu’s manga is an M-rated one.

Previously it was already announced by editor Shihei Lin that an official English-translated version of Dandadan is on-demand. He assured that the serialization of the official translation will be around August or September 2021. And It will be available on “Shounen Jump” and “MANGA Plus” websites.

Recently, Dandadan released its first volume on August 4th, which sold a staggering 57,671 copies in its first week and was the 9th best selling volume of the week according to Oricon! Soon, it went for an immediate reprint which will be on sale on August 26th.

A commemorative PV was released for the successful response of the volume 1 sales. In addition, Yukinobu Tatsu shared a few of his experiences up until Dandadan and how he came up with the idea about a story involving Turbo-granny and bananas!

The Dandadan manga is written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu. In addition, he worked alongside Yuji Kaku (Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku) on Fujimoto’s debut manga, Fire Punch. Albeit, as of August 20th, 2021 a total of 20 chapters of the manga has been released. However, the series’s popularity rises continuously.

According to MyAnimeList, the story of Dandadan follows, Ken Takakura, a boy who is an occult fanatic who doesn’t believe in ghosts, and Momo Ayase, a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens, encounter overwhelming strangeness that transcends their mutual understanding…! It is a great occult coming-of-age story!

Here’s our take on the first chapter of the Dandadan manga.

Source: Twitter

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