Bandai Namco Gets Hacked By BlackCat Ransomware Group

Another, ransomware group watcher, DarkFeed also posted about this hack.

VX-underground an online malware attack monitoring group tweeted that the Japanese publishing, gaming and merchandising company Bandai Namco has been under attack by ALPHV ransomware group.

In the tweet the group shared a picture where ALPHV claimed the attack and has threatened to release the data soon.

Another, ransomware group watcher, DarkFeed also posted about this hack. It also revealed that BlackCat has hacked another company and the networth of both these companies in US is millions of dollars.

The group BlackCat has been involved in various ransomware attacks according to several computer analysts and FBI. The group has leaked private employee data online in case their ransom is not paid. They have previously demanded ransoms worth millions of dollars and have targeted schools and public entities.

Earlier in 2020, another gaming company Capcom was attacked and several of its unreleased games were leaked. Even graphic chip manufacturer Nvidia was hacked and their gaming projects were leaked.

Bandai Namco took down the servers of Dark Souls I, II, and III games offline after they discovered a dangerous remote code execution in it, earlier this year.

Bandai Namco is the third biggest game development company in Japan succeeded by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Nintendo.

The company is the owner of several world famous games like Pac-man. The game also serves as the official mascot of the company. In addition, the company owns several other multimillion video game franchises like Tekken, Gundam, Soulcalibus, Ace Combat, The Idolmaster etc.

Along with games, the company owns licenses to several Japanese media franchises such as Shonen Jump, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Sword Art Online etc.

Source: Twitter