Attack On Wit Studio: Woman Arrested For Arson

The woman sent an email on May 7, saying she will set the Wit Studio headquarters on fire in a week.

wit studio

The Musashino Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 25-year-old woman of unknown occupation from Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, on suspicion of obstructing business. The defendant allegedly threatened to set Wit Studio, home to anime like Attack on Titan, Great Pretender, etc. on fire via email.

Musashino Police had made the arrest on 26th May, Wednesday. The woman admitted to the charge.

According to the report, the woman sent an email on May 7, saying she will set the Wit Studio headquarters on fire in a week. In self-defense, the company strengthened its security, which forced some obstruction to daily business.

Police are investigating whether the suspect is suffering from any mental illness. They are also investigating her connection to the Kyoto Animation fire incident in that happened in July 2019.

Since the fire in Kyoto Animation that killed 36 people and injured 33 took place, the incidents of arson threats made to anime studios and staff have increased. Four months before the 2019 fire incident, Okayama police arrested a man for posting death threats to anime Studio Khara. Again in June 2020, Kyoto police arrested a suspect for threatening to stab and set on fire a number of staff members and voice actresses for the Kemono Friends anime. In both cases, the suspects referenced the Kyoto Animation fire.

Source: Yomiuri via Ryokutya, ANN

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