Attack On Titan Dominates 4th Annual Global TV Demand Awards

It is 1st non-English language series to earn the 'world's most in-demand television show of 2021' title.

Global TV Demand Awards AOT

Parrot Analytics, a market research firm has listed Attack on Titan as the world’s most “in-demand” television show of 2021 in its 4th annual Global TV Demand Awards. The anime is the first non-English series to take home the title, which was previously given out to series such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Studio Mappa’s Attack on Titan was also named the most “in-demand” anime series.

Dragon Ball Z was awarded the most in-demand legacy series; earned the most consumer demand. The title for “excellent streaming platform” went to Disney Plus.


The winners for the 2021 Global TV Demand Awards are:

· World’s Choice – Most In-Demand TV Show in the World 2021: “Attack on Titan”
· Most In-Demand Anime Series of 2021: “Attack on Titan”
· Most In-Demand Asian Export of 2021: “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”
· Most In-Demand Book Adaptation of 2021: “The Witcher”
· Most In-Demand Children’s Series of 2021: “Spongebob Squarepants”
· Most In-Demand Comedy Series of 2021: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
· Most In-Demand Documentary Series of 2021: “A Perfect Planet”
· Most In-Demand Drama Series of 2021: “The Walking Dead”
· Most In-Demand European Export of 2021: “La Casa de Papel”
· Most In-Demand Horror Series of 2021: “American Horror Story”
· Most In-Demand Latin American Export of 2021: “Dark Desire”
· Most In-Demand Legacy Series of 2021: “Dragon Ball Z”
· Most In-Demand Reality Series of 2021: “Shark Tank”
· Most In-Demand Revolutionary Series of 2021: “Squid Game”
· Most In-Demand Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series of 2021: “The Witcher”
· Most In-Demand Series Debut of 2021: “Squid Game”
· Most In-Demand Superhero Series of 2021: “WandaVision”
· Most In-Demand Superhero Talent of 2021: “Tom Hiddleston”
· Most In-Demand True Crime Series of 2021: “Q: Into the Storm”
· Exceptional Streaming Platform of 2021: Disney+

According to the company’s analysis, anime is the third most popular TV series genre after criminal dramas and comedy sitcoms. Anime demand has surged by 118% year over year, and the genre’s global demand share increased from 4.2% to 7.1%.

As per a previous report by Parrot Analytics, demand for anime “has nearly doubled since 2017”.

From January to December 2021, global demand for non-English language content expanded at almost twice the rate of demand for English-language content. Demand for Japanese-language content climbed by 83%, mostly due to anime series, while demand for Korean-language content increased by 37%.

Julia Alexander, a senior strategy analyst, attributed the outcome reflect changing audience preferences for more international content, highlighting accessibility as a key factor.

“This year’s Global TV Demand Award winners reaffirm that accessibility is key to audiences around the world finding their next favorite show. High-caliber anime series out of Japan, like ‘Attack on Titan,’ are more easily available now than ever before, streamlining the process of discovery, consumption, and conversation. As entertainment platforms pivot to more global markets, the more likely it is that a show out of South Korea, Spain, or Germany will find a fanbase outside of its core region. This year’s winners reiterate demand for international content is higher than ever — they just need to be in sight to remain top of mind,”  she said.

Source: ANN, Senal News

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