Asahi Broadcasting Sees Increase In Anime Content Sales

The orders for content distribution and animation has increased.

Asahi Broadcasting Group

The Asahi Broadcasting Group Holding recently announced their first quarters earning for the FY ending 2023. The content business of Asahi group has seen an increase in its sales.

The net sales for the content business in the first quarter is 3,039 million yen which is an increase of 12.9% year on year. Of the 3039 million yen, Asahi Broadcasting’s sales were 977 million yen which is an increase of 270 million yen compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

They mentioned that the orders for content distribution and animation has increased.

The animation companies co-owned by Asahi group such as ABC Animation had sales of 451 million yen an increase of 10%, DLE with 366 million yen a 48% increase, and SILVER LINK had sales of 260 million yen a whopping 346% increase. An event related company, MUSH had an increase of 37% with 501 million yen profits.

Although, ABC animation has seen profits, ABC Frontier, a license management company had earned 347 million yen which was a decrease of 6%.

The company also announced the acquisition of new Animation related company, Zero Gee Act, an animation character goods planning and development company. The newly acquired company will sign a business alliance agreement with Asahi Broadcasting HD and SILVER LINK.

The current director of Zero Gee Act, Ryo Obata, will continue to lead the company’s management. He founded the company in 2015 and specializes in perfumes and acrylic sundries based on Anime characters. Asahi group aims to link to their merchandising business.

Source: Animation Business

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