Akatsuki, DMM.com, The Anime Times Company, Kadokawa Invest in MyAnimeList Through Third-Party Allotment

MyAnimeList receives capital increase from 4 new companies, KADOKAWA, DMM, etc. to accelerate expansion of its platform.

Anime database website MyAnimeList announced on Monday that Japan-based companies Akatsuki Inc. (Akatsuki), The Anime Times Company Inc. (The Anime Times Company), DMM.com LLC (DMM.com), and KADOKAWA CORPORATION (Kadokawa) will collectively underwrite 311 million yen (approximately US$2.83 million) of MyAnimeList stock through a third-party allotment.

MyAnimeList announced a plan to increase capital through a third-party allotment totaling 1.2 billion yen in February this year. Of this amount, Media Do, Kodansha, Shueisha, and three major publishers of Shogakukan have already taken care of half of the capital(600 million yen). The remaining amount is under adjustment, and it seems that there will be new investment companies in the future.

With a series of capital increases since March, MAL is changing to a new company organization jointly funded by affiliated companies in the manga and anime industry. With the capital increase through third-party allotment by the four companies, Media Do’s shareholding ratio was 48.84%, which was less than the majority. Media Do will be removed from MyAnimeList and changed to an equity-method affiliate.

MyAnimeList plans to invest the funds from February’s third-party allotment to accelerate expansion of its platform, focus on accessibility for new and returning users, promote information exchange, increase server robustness, and advance interconnection between fans and businesses.

The company’s immediate plans to achieve these goals include implementing infrastructure changes to increase speed and support advanced UI/UX features, multi-language support for databases and user lists, iOS and Android application improvements such as dark mode and social functions, and upgraded user communication tool enhancements for increased information sharing.

Source: MAL, ANN