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One Piece Exhibits 100 Volume Covers At Fuji TV Headquarters

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The official site of Fuji TV announced on 15th October to unveil ONE PIECE COMICS “100” COVERS GALLERY exhibition to commemorate the release of its 100th volume of the manga and broadcasting of the 1000th episode.

The entire event, titled ‘ONE PIECE’ Visual Festival in Fuji Television starts on October 30 and will be running until January 30, 2022.

The Fuji TV Gallery on the 5th floor of the Fuji TV Headquarters at Odaiba, Tokyo will showcase 100 original volume covers of Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece ONE PIECE taking up a total of 66 meters (216.5 feet) of floor space.

Additionally, the One Piece anime will be celebrating 1,000 episodes in the building with the terrace on the 7th floor, and the plaza on the 1st floor both having celebratory visuals from the TV anime series – which has been airing on Fuji TV since 1999.

The terrace will have a signboard measuring 7.2 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width will be erected and be decorated with a visual of Luffy and Kaido squaring off that was previously released.

The plaza will feature the Straw Hat pirates on 10 pillars.

There will be a video corner commemorating the 1000th episode of the anime, a photo spot using huge visuals of 99, 100, and 101 volumes together, and a product sales corner with venue-limited goods.

Source: Fuji Tv

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