Is Kashin Koji Jiraiya? Fans Think Orochimaru Is The Key!

Fans just can’t stop comparing the similarities between Kashin Koji, a member of Kara in Boruto franchise, and our beloved pervy sage Master Jiraiya. We had written a blog previously looking at all the reasons why Kashin Koji could be Jiraiya. You can read the blog over here: Is Kashin Koji Jiraiya?

There is lot of proof for the same throughout the manga, with similarities in jutsu (rasengan and fire type jutsu), summoning (both summon toads) and Kashin Koji’s chakra being recognized by the defenses in the Hidden leaf village.

In Boruto Chapter 45, major developments took place which saw Naruto, Shikamaru and Sasuke sit down with Amado, who had defected from Kara. It is revealed in the chapter that Amado had been conspiring against the Kara all this time, and Kashin Koji was his lone co-conspirator in the organisation which has major ties to Otsutsuki.

While Amado was relaying the secrets of the organisation to Naruto and the others in Konohagakure, Kashin Koji was facing off with Jigen at the Kara base. Though Kashin Koji had intended to take Jigen by surprise, it seems that Isshiki Otsutsuki’s vessel was already aware of the betrayal by Amado and Kashin Koji. As the two face off, Kashin Koji states that he was created with the sole purpose of defeating Jigen.

Kashin Koji from Boruto Manga

It is known that Amado is the master scientist who modified the bodies of all the Kara members. However, considering how similar Kashin Koji is to Jiraiya, there is a high chance that Amado worked in tandem with Orochimaru to first re-incarnate Jiraiya before modifying his body with advanced scientific ninja tools.

Why fans think Orochimaru is involved with Kashin Koji & Jiraiya?

After his battle with Pain, Jiraiya’s body apparently disappeared at the bottom of the ocean. His body couldn’t be recovered by Kabuto to perform the Edo Tensei during the fourth great ninja war. It is very much possible that Jiraiya’s body would have perished and decayed in the sea by the time Amado would have come to recover it.

Source: Naruto Fandom

This is where Orochimaru comes in. From what we have seen in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Orochimaru is an expert in forbidden techniques (or kinjutsu), most importantly the ones which allow him to use a dead persons soul to reincarnate bodies (as seen in the Chunin arc). Orochimaru could very well have helped Amado in restoring Jiraiya’s soul into a new healthy body, which could then be modified with scientific ninja tools.

But then, why would Orochimaru help Amado?

As we know, Orochimaru is someone who is constantly looking to gain more knowledge about the world. He wants to know all that there is . encountering an alient faction like Otsutsuki and getting to know their secrets would be icing on the cake for Orochimaru. However, he would need a strong weapon which would help him subdue the threat posed by these clans to earth so that he can continue his learning process. This thinking could have led both Amado and Orochimaru to bring back a veteran like Jiraiya in a much powerful body so that they could take down a strong opponent like Jigen/Kara/Otsutsuki.

The anime also has put added importance on Orochimaru, meaning he may have an important role to play in the future.

However, the deeper we get into this theory, the more questions pop up. Why Jiraiya & why not even more powerful ninjas like Hashirama or Tobirama or someone like Itachi or Madara. Could it also be possible that Jiraiya actually managed to survive the beating from Pain miraculously, and his beaten and broken body was then restored using ninja tools by Amado. If we wear our tinfoil hats, anything seems pausible now, with the similarities that we have seen.

If Kashin Koji really is Jiraiya, we are more interested to see how Naruto would react to him being alive/reincarnated/modified. In the anime, even Boruto has formed a bond of sorts with the pervy sage during the time travel arc, meaning the chances that the pervy sage being Kashin Koji is pretty high.

The stakes are pretty high, and this reveal could pretty much be a huge turning point for the Boruto manga. We can only wait till the next chapter drops and see if all our speculations were worth anything or not! You can read the latest Boruto: Naruto Next Genarations manga chapters for free on

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